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Episode 45: RESOLVED - It is time for Democrats and Republicans to sever party ties. Both parties treat you like a product to be bought and sold by lobbyists

Originally aired: Friday, June 27, 2014

The Republican and Democrat parties are different in some key ways, Democrats are authoritarian statists funded by big banks, big labor, big law and big insurance. Republicans are the low tax, big military party funded by big energy, big defense and, lately, big gambling. To both parties, their grassroots supporters - that's you, the real Americans - are not their base or their customers. No. You are a product that the parties sell to their customers: big lobbyists. The RNC, NRSC, and others sell your love of America and your belief in what are supposed to be Republican ideals to lobbyists. Don't like being a product for sale? Chris and Todd will tell you how to regain your freedom.

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