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Episode 29: Why the Bankrupt Post Office Killed a Successful Start-up.

Originally aired: Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A legal, successful start-up killed by the government. Outbox became the darling of the tech world, an award winning start-up that gave Americans the same cool way to get postal mail as enjoyed by Congress. For $5.00 a Month, Outbox scanned your paper mail, unsubscribed you from junk mail and emailed you what you wanted to see. Your mail was stored, searchable and archived. Then, the United States Postal Service and the Postmaster General killed this private company that did everything more efficiently than the debt-ridden, tax supported USPS. In this special episode of BuzzPo Radio, Chris and Todd talk with Evan Baehr, the Founder and CEO of Outbox. You will learn why the Post Office says you are not their customer and the truly shocking thing Evan Baehr says the Chief Digital Officer of the Post Office said about technology.

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