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Michael Medved


David Boze

Hour 1, Dave Boze Morning Show, 4-9-14

Originally aired: Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Featured : Boze Show Rapid Fire. Featuring stories of the day including, Eric Holder on gun bracelets. U Conn wins the NAACP?, Jon Stewart calling out Obama on another healthcare fib...and more. Pistorius trial continues. Dave not buying it continues. Geological video of Oso slide Rapid Fire 1. Holder on gun bracelets, maybe? 2. Star Trek star says she was duped into voicing a movie claiming the sun revolves around the earth 3. U Conn wins NAACP? 4. Jon Karl grills Carney over women vs. men in the White House 5. Jon Stewart on Obama The President's comments on equal pay

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