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The Elites are Scared of Donald Trump and Populism
The elites are absolutely panicked
10:12 1/23/17
The Seahawks are a Brilliant Example of the Minimum Wage
Coach Pete Carroll said they bring young guys up, develop them and make them part of the program and then as they earn their opportunities we reward them as we can.
9:07 1/20/17
Jan 20, 2017 - Hour 3
HOUR 3 - 5 PM - Todd on The Stranger piece saying Trump plans to a bunch of “vital” programs Seg 2 – An MIT professor talks about global warmin, the latest science and the political motivations behind the movement Seg 3 – Billionaire’s at Davos wring their hands about populism Seg 4 – On a Personal Note
39:25 1/20/17
Jan 20, 2017 - Hour 2
HOUR 2 - 4 PM - Todd on protestors (11:40) Josh Kerns live from Westlake in the middle of one of the protests (17:25) Dave Ross joins Todd to talk about the Inauguration and why we need a big and free press
43:33 1/20/17
Jun 20, 2017 - Hour 1
HOUR 1 - 3 PM - Todd on the Trump protestors around the nation (11:30) Jack of Armstrong & Getty joins us live from D.C. and gives us his opinion of the Inauguration (22:00) Chris Wallace says that Trump’s speech was the speech of an insurgent (33:35)Chris Matthews worries Trump will use the nuclear codes on inauguration day  
40:55 1/20/17
Should You Be Able to Sue Porn Companies?
A Senator from Utah wants states to be able to sue porn companies for damages
8:19 1/19/17
Jan 19, 2017 - Hour 3
HOUR 3 - 5 PM - Todd uses the Seattle Seahawks as a minimum wage parable Seg 2 & 3 – Todd really is not a fan of Steve Mnuchin Seg 4 – On a Personal Note
39:43 1/19/17
Jan 19, 2017 - Hour 2
HOUR 2 - 4 PM -  Seattle Times says we need a balanced tax burden for education funding (12:15) City of Everett considers suing OxyContin maker (20:20)  Federal Way School District Deputy Superintendent Dani Pfeiffer joins us to talk about new curriculums and if the school district is asking teachers for their opinions (34:50) There was a cough-in protest at a Trump restaurant
40:35 1/19/17
Jan 19, 2017 - Hour 1
HOUR 1 - 3 PM - Todd on how Ed Murray and Dow Constantine’s Seattle is starting to fall apart (11:35) Obama describes what worries him in the future during his last press conference – voting rights (21:00) Todd says the House and Senate Republicans should laugh in Steve Mnuchin’s face (32:20) Rick Perry and Al Franken yuck it up
39:21 1/19/17
Did you know that all struggles against white males are connected?
Intersectionality says that if you are not a white male, you are struggling against white males
10:01 1/18/17
Rob McKenna talks death penalty
Former Attorney General Rob McKenna explains his support of a bill that would eliminate the death penalty in Washington.
16:12 1/18/17
Jan 18, 2017 - Hour 3
HOUR 3 - 5 PM - Todd is bummed that U2 are playing in a baseball stadium Seg 2 – Todd on the beginnings of the modern Tea Party and how no one would listen in D.C. Seg 3 – Heroin shooting sites in Seattle Seg 4 – On a Personal Note
39:19 1/18/17
Jan 18, 2017 - Hour 2
HOUR 2 - 4 PM -  Patty Murray says she’s upset that they are rushing through the Trump nominee hearings (12:00) Utah lawmaker seeks to be able to sue makers of pornography (22:10) Al Franken questions DeVos about her families contributions to organizations that support gay conversion therapy (32:40) Tucker Carlson grills a paid agitator
41:01 1/18/17
Jan 18, 2017 - Hour 1
HOUR 1 - 3 PM -  Patty Murray got involved in the questioning of DeVos on entirely unrelated topics (12:05) It Turns Out Al Franken Invested in Philip Morris Despite His Anti-Tobacco Stance (23:00) The testimony of Betsy DeVos (33:45) Jake Tapper says Obama also went to war against certain media outlets
40:20 1/18/17
You Can Now Order “White Guilt in a Box”!
Folks are making lots of money to help you overcome your white privilege.
7:20 1/17/17
Jan 17, 2017 - Hour 3
HOUR 3 - 5 PM - Snohomish County homeowner uses doorbell speaker to spook would-be burglar on roof Seg 2 – Seems California wants a war with Trump over enforcing immigration and voting laws Seg 3 - Transgender artist Anohni nominated for Best British Female Brit Award Seg 4 - On a personal note - A mini-hero, law professor takes a red light camera to court
40:05 1/17/17
Jan 17, 2017 - Hour 2
HOUR 2 - 4 PM - House Speaker Frank Chopp says lawmakers must accent "the success of one Washington, based on the shared values of our people. (12:05) Van Jones: Trump Opened the Door for Disrespect for the President with Birtherism (20:45) Rob McKenna joins us to talk about his working with the Governor to possibly abolish the death penalty (37:15) Barack Obama takes some responsibility for some of the failures of ObamaCare
41:16 1/17/17
Jan 17, 2017 - Hour 1
HOUR 1 - 3 PM - Today in Kabuki Theater – the hearings in D.C. (12:10) Obama commutes most of Chelsea Manning’s sentence (23:00) Teaching intersectionality (33:55) Coaches help college basketball player battling terminal cancer check item off bucket list
40:06 1/17/17
Are advances in technology always a good thing?
How bureaucrats can abuse new advances
10:20 1/16/17
Jan 16, 2017 - Hour 3
HOUR 3 - 5 PM - Is Kshama Sawant part of the group of people planning vandalism and violence at the inauguration? Seg 2 - Neutrality in the Age of Trump Seg 3 - Progressives can now open “Safety Pin Boxes” while taking a “Complicity Cleanse." Seg 4 – On a Personal Note
41:16 1/16/17
Jan 16, 2017 - Hour 2
HOUR 2 - 4 PM -  The University of Washington-Bothell is offering its librarians social justice training to “interrupt acts of oppression” (11:40) Is this becoming Rand Paul’s Moment?  He says we are going to legalize selling inexpensive insurance (21:40) A local teacher joins the show to talk about why the school district is enforcing a curriculum on teachers who have been teaching for years (32:15) Goodbye, Clinton Global Initiative
40:55 1/16/17
Jan 16, 2016 - Hour 1
HOUR 1 - 3 PM - Troopers find unconscious driver with needle in arm on I-5 (11:40) Todd and Michael Medved on John Lewis’ comments and Trump’s tweet (22:00) As we recognize the great MLK, what are the modern civil rights battles, anyway? (33:30) Nicole Kidman said we need to support the Office of The President and was criticized for it
40:09 1/16/17
Maybe I Should Go Into Politics
Yesterday, I was reminded of my coup at the San Jose airport
4:48 1/13/17
Jan 13, 2017 - Hour 3
HOUR 3 - 5 PM - Mayor Murray and San Francisco’s Mayor sat down and pretended to have some form of expertise in fighting homelessness Seg 2 - Facebook is hiring engineers to basically mind read Seg 3 - Trump’s Week in Review as a Sign of Trump’s First Year Ahead Seg 4 – On a Personal Note
41:31 1/13/17
Jan 13, 2017 - Hour 3
HOUR 2 - 4 PM - Inslee on getting rid of Obamacare (11:15) Senator Mark Schoesler on Income tax is the real issue, not schools (21:30) Paul Ryan had a Town hall last night and had an exchange with an illegal immigrant Mother and Daughter (35:45) Todd’s man crush on General Mattis
41:40 1/13/17
Jan 13, 2017 - Hour 1
HOUR 1 - 3 PM - The father of the women decapitated in Tacoma wants the accused to face the death penalty (12:15) Trump met with comedian Steve Harvey about reaching out to help in inner-cities (21:30) Rep. JT Wilcox on tax increases and school funding (35:40) Two News Anchors in Australia argue about both of them wearing white
41:04 1/13/17
How Mainstream Media Can Save Itself
Buzz Feed lost on behalf of the national media.
6:57 1/12/17
Jan 12, 2017 - Hour 3
HOUR 3 - 5 PM - Puget Sound housing boom may cause racial divide Seg 2 - College Professor says today’s students want to teach, not learn Seg 3 – Cory Booker’s testimony on Jeff Sessions Seg 4 – On a Personal Note
40:38 1/12/17
Jan 12, 2017 - Hour 12
HOUR 2 - 4 PM - Jay Inslee goes all in for funding education (12:10)  Todd on the agency that perpetuates the Palestinian Refugee crisis - UNRWA (21:45) The Rand Paul Health Care Proposal (36:05) Todd tells a story about an insurrection he started at the boarding gate for a flight
41:04 1/12/17
Jan 12, 2017 - Hour 1
HOUR 1 - 3 PM - Glen Morgan from “We the Governed” joins us to talk about Kshama Sawant may have herself an ethics issue (13:00) Obama gives Biden the Presidential Medal of Freedom Award (23:00) Barack Obama finally published something in the Harvard Law Review (33:30) Man opens fire after wife bites his grilled cheese sandwich
41:03 1/12/17