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The show centers around pop culture, current events, and the daily happenings of a young husband and father trying to eke out a living in the U.S. of A.

The philosophy of Mad Men
Tomlin sits down with radio host and film critic Tom Tangney to recap the TV series MAD MEN.
43:17 6/25/15
Kendra's 911 call
Tomlin tells Swinehart about that time his house got robbed, then plays 911 audio from the incident.
47:52 5/15/15
Beating Cancer
Tomlin sits down with Michael Medved to talk about his cancer treatment and recovery.
26:13 4/20/15
Who gave Oscar his green card?
The Gregs give their review of the Academy Awards. Also, Tomlin reveals his latest conspiracy theory involving mobile ads.
44:57 2/25/15
Card counting can be a religious experience
Tomlin talks about his time as a professional blackjack player.
50:32 2/20/15
Just When I Thought I Was Out, They Pull Me Back In
The two Gregs recap the Super Bowl, update Tomlin's weight-loss journey, and discuss this year's Oscar nominees.
57:04 2/11/15
Party pooper etiquette
The two Gregs prepare for Christmas and dish out some timeless party etiquette tips.
82:44 12/22/14
Losing 120 pounds in 365 days
Tomlin discovers a new weight loss secret just in time for Thanksgiving.
46:32 12/1/14
Undone: The Christmas Sweater Show
teezer: a tribute to weezer
44:18 11/13/14
Crime pays 1.2 bitcoin
Swinehart gets hacked and is asked to pay ransom.
41:53 11/7/14
It's the Great Pumpkin, YOU BLOCKHEAD!!!
The guys reminisce about deadly encounters with spiders and revisit the classic Peanuts Halloween Special.
39:32 10/28/14
Hoarding takes years of practice, and Greg is becoming an expert.
46:08 10/13/14
U2 and iPhone 6
U2 and iPhone 6
26:42 10/3/14
Road trip! Portlandia, ping pong, Foster the People and friends
Road trip!
58:07 9/4/14
Pro poker player: Rep Porter
The Gregs talk with professional poker player Rep Porter.
29:31 8/29/14
Robin Williams 1951-2014
Remembering Robin Williams
35:15 8/20/14
Wedding DJs
A discussion about the person who can single-handedly make or break a wedding reception.
34:32 8/6/14
Joe's mom watches Game of Thrones
Our friend Joe visits the studio to tell us about introducing his mom to Game of Thrones.
26:45 7/30/14
Cargo shorts went out of style?
Cargo shorts, 2 types of fat, clothes shopping, House of Nanking, The Conversation.
22:12 7/10/14
World Cup Spectacular
If you're not first, you're last.
20:11 7/2/14
LIVE from New York
Which issues keep you up at night?
38:00 6/20/14
Call Me Maybe
Normal calls to normal people.
22:27 6/6/14
Acupuncture Juncture
My buddy Greg Swinehart gets acupuncture for the first time. Here's how it all went down.
22:55 5/23/14
I gave 500 bucks to Zach Braff -- here's what happened next
Kickstarter took my money and all I got was this segment for a podcast.
24:03 5/9/14
The Greg Tomlin Show - Episode 1
My wife's new favorite podcast.
29:28 4/29/14