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Secret Way to Get Rich: Generosity
Dave Ramsey offers some simple advice on how to attain wealth.
9:56 11/15/13
Should a Caller Help His Girlfriend Pay Off Debt?
A caller asks Dave Ramsey if he should help pay down his girlfriend's debt, if he's already on a personal plan to becoming debt free.
5:25 8/7/13
Couple Pays Off $70k in Debt in Only 10 Months
Following the advice of Dave Ramsey, a young couple from Oregon paid off over $70,000 in debt in only 10 months!
5:06 8/1/13
Dave Ramsey Helps a Caller Going through Bankruptcy
A listener going through a really tough time, gets compassionate but no-nonsense advice from Dave.
9:00 7/26/13
Should You Sell Your Home to Pay Off Debt?
A listener asks Dave Ramsey for help in deciding whether she should sell her home, and rent, in order to pay off debt.
5:35 7/23/13
Military Family Gets Financial Help Paying for School
Michele wants to go back to school but doesn't know if she can with her financial situation.
6:06 7/17/13