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Episode 55: Five Steps to Persuade Independents of Conservative Ideas
Hosts Chris Widener and Todd Herman share with you the five things you must be able to do to win political allies. If you want your country back, you will take note and take action.
30:34 8/21/14
Episode 54: Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren Presents the 11 Commandments of Progressivism
Hosts Chris Widener and Todd Herman reveal the left’s new political hero and examine the 11 Commandments of Progressivism she presented at a conference of far left activists.
33:50 8/18/14
Episode 53: Bad Tech – Why Civil Libertarians and Believers in Small Government Should Fight Against Self-Driving Cars with All of Their Hearts and Souls
Hosts Chris Widener and Todd Herman have a disagreement about whether self-driving cars will be used to control Americans.
15:14 8/14/14
Episode 52: No Good Option - Why the USA has to be the World’s Cop
Hosts Chris Widener and Todd Herman make the case that, as tempting as it is to want to isolate, you and your children cannot afford an isolationist America.
20:30 8/11/14
Episode 51: How to De-Freak Being a Gun Owner
Hosts Chris Widener and Todd Herman detail how to reverse efforts to convince Americans that the 1/3 of us who own guns are ignorant, blood thirsty, would-be killers.
24:00 8/7/14
Episode 50: Teacups to a Cage Match - The DNC GOP Mismatch
Hosts Chris Widener and Todd Herman breakdown the lopsided DNC – GOP mismatch and reveal what you can do to even things up.
24:45 8/4/14
Episode 49: Listen With Your Lady Parts - why smart people fall for war on women propaganda
Hosts Chris Widener and Todd Herman explain the deep reasons why the War on Women lie works and how it is only one small piece of a much larger lie.
21:54 7/31/14
Episode 48: The People Vs. Barack Obama - the criminal case against Barack Obama
Special guest, author, radio host, lawyer and genius, Ben Shapiro joins BuzzPo Radio to make the case for a criminal prosecution of the Obama Administration.
16:30 7/28/14
Episode 47: Immigration Reform - what CAN conservatives support?
Hosts Chris Widener and Todd Herman put their immigration cards on the table as they wait for inevitable reform.
20:53 7/24/14
Episode 46: The Target of Obama's Wrath - Dinesh D'Souza, Author of 'America'
Dinesh D'Souza called this one of the most stimulating interviews he has ever done - we agree!
37:05 7/14/14
Episode 45: RESOLVED - It is time for Democrats and Republicans to sever party ties. Both parties treat you like a product to be bought and sold by lobbyists
Hosts Chris Widener and Todd Herman are concerned for your freedom. Don't like being a product for sale? Want Out? Listen to the Podcast.
25:47 6/27/14
Episode 44: Hi there? Are you enjoying the Second American Revolution?
Hosts Chris Widener and Todd Herman pose the question: is it an overstatement to say we are going through an American revolution?
24:15 6/25/14
Episode 43: Hey, Conservatives! Unless you are willing to do something about it, stop whining about the IRS Scandal and what it has become under Barack Obama - a Criminal Conspiracy. D.C. won't fix it, that is up to you!
Hosts Chris Widener and Todd Herman react to the latest news from the IRS Scandal and explain their simple, easy and legal way you can pressure the IRS to change there ways.
23:54 6/23/14
Episode 42: BuzzPo Exclusive Interview with Dr. Ben Carson
Host Chris Widener is joined by Dr. Ben Carson, author of NYT's Best Seller - One Nation: What We Can All Do to Save America's Future.
25:49 6/19/14
Episode 41: Miss America, Common Sense and Instant Hate from a Shrinking America
Hosts Chris Widener and Todd Herman react to some of the controversy that followed the Miss America pageant and share their concern about the direction of American feminism.
22:00 6/18/14
Episode 40: For Barack Obama, Bowe Bergdahl was the Perfect Soldier
Hosts Chris Widener and Todd Herman weigh in on the strange story involving Bowe Bergdahl and they argue he is the type of soldier whom Barack Obama can truly admire.
24:01 6/16/14
Episode 39: Hillary Clinton - Very Much Like a Roach
Hillary Clinton is, well, very much like a roach. Her political career should be dead, but it won't die and she is a very real threat for 2016.
31:11 6/9/14
Episode 38: Is Free Speech In America At Risk? Trigger Warnings, Mob Rule and Threats
Hosts Chris Widener and Todd Herman were shocked by what they found when they researched whether Free Speech in America was at risk.
24:25 6/9/14
Episode 37: Is there a money code in the Bible? Well known Rabbi, Daniel Lapin joins BuzzPo
Hosts Chris Widener and Todd Herman debate with Rabbi Daniel Lapin on whether the bible is part money and guide and much more.
29:01 6/6/14
Episode 36: Hate Crime - the one class of government employee conservatives dare not criticize
Hosts Chris Widener and Todd Herman risk abuse to share their concern about the militarization of law enforcement
34:36 6/3/14
Episode 35: Dear GOP - It's about the branding, stupid!
Hosts Chris Widener and Todd Herman call out the GOP for their branding and discuss what needs to be done.
23:09 5/30/14
Episode 34: Facebook - the good, the bad and the ugly
Hosts Chris Widener and Todd Herman, who run one of the biggest political Facebook pages, reveal how Facebook is changing what you see
32:31 5/27/14
Episode 33: The three most brilliant and dangerous people you have, probably, never heard of
Hosts Chris Widener and Todd Herman discuss three far-left operators with whom your are likely unfamiliar, but whose work you will have seen and felt.
30:07 5/22/14
Episode 32: Michael Sam - nice guy, decent player ... pawn in a bigger game?
Hosts Chris Widener and Todd Herman approach the story of Michael Sam, the NFL's first openly gay player, at a depth that other other shows will run away from.
27:51 5/16/14
Episode 31: A memo to John Boehner - the fight is now
Hosts Chris Widener and Todd Herman make the case for arresting Lois Lerner and encourage John Boehner to go on the offensive.
34:50 5/15/14
Episode 30: The President we need to elect ... but won't
Hosts Chris Widener and Todd Herman created a meticulously considered check list to describe the perfect president and you will not believe what word didn't even come up in their analysis.
40:11 5/9/14
Episode 29: Why the Bankrupt Post Office Killed a Successful Start-up.
The American dream ... nearly made two young men create a start-up, get funding from premier venture capitalists and launch Outbox, an award winning start-up only to have it killed by The United States Postal Service.
31:48 5/7/14
Episode 28: The War on Humans - How Fringe, Enviro-radicals Have Become Mainstream Green Leaders Who Sell the Idea That Humans Are Parasites
Hosts Chris Widener and Todd Herman have a shocking discussion about the War on Humans with the author of a book by the same name, Wesley J. Smith.
30:18 5/5/14
Episode 27: Resolved - Donald Sterling and Jay-Z were separated at birth
Hosts Chris Widener and Todd Herman have an intense discussion about the Donald Sterling controversy that focuses on real values, not the TMZ story.
23:48 5/1/14
Episode 26: Meet a Man Who Helped Fire Two Democrat House Speakers
Hosts Chris Widener and Todd Herman take a break from exploring today’s issues and give you insight into their lives, careers and reasoning for launching BuzzPo Radio.
41:46 4/25/14