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Here you'll find a curated selection of can't-miss segments from Todd Herman, Michael Medved and Armstrong and Getty.

May 25, 2017
Armstrong and Getty discuss how the Obama administration admitted to a FISA court that they had routinely violated the 4th amendment right of thousands of Americans with the NSA. This isn’t a story anywhere but right wing publications // Todd Herman has an Academic Discussion on Trump & Russia​
21:40 5/25/17
May 24, 2017
Todd Herman talks discusses the possible responses to the Manchester terror attack // Armstrong & Getty speak with Craig Timberg of WAPO who says Google is watching you more than you think
32:41 5/24/17
May 23, 2017
Todd speaks with Harris Zafar, National Spokesperson for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA joins us to talk about Trump’s trip to the Middle East​ // Armstrong & Getty discuss how students at Notre Dame felt unsafe with VP Pence was giving a commencement speech
21:44 5/23/17
May 18, 2017
Dino Rossi joins Todd Herman to talk about how the investigation into Sound Transit is going to play out ​// on the Armstrong & Getty Show; kids ere asked how old they think they will be when they do adult things. They were very optimistic.
22:02 5/18/17
May 17, 2017
Todd herman speaks with 710 ESPN Seattle's Danny O'Neil about politics in sports // Armstrong & Getty discuss how to interpret leaked information
19:29 5/17/17
May 16, 2017
Armstrong & Getty speak with Libertarian Dr. Charles Murray // Todd speaks with a listener who's LARP game for his children was shut down in Tacoma
26:36 5/16/17
May 11, 2017
Todd Herman talks to Jamie Schupe, who became the first person in America to have their sex legally declared as non-binary by an Oregon court, joins to talk about trans people and the bathroom issue​ // Armstrong and Getty debate whether President Trump will be impeached or not
26:03 5/11/17
May 10, 2017
On Armstrong & Getty: Sarah Westwood of WA Examiner on Comey firing // Todd on Condoleezza Rice’s statement that “The American identity is actually ‘pretty fragile.’”​
21:12 5/10/17
May 9, 2017
Armstrong & Getty speak with Major Mike lyons about the increase in military presence in Afghanistan // Todd on Condi Rice - A woman of restraint, intelligence and morality
20:21 5/9/17
May 4, 2017
Armstrong and Getty talk about Seattle mayor Ed Murray, and how Late Night changed comedy // Todd Herman does Whiteboard Wednesday – Guest Jeff Juel on the Seawall and Global Warming ​
19:42 5/4/17
May 3, 2017
Armstrong & Getty talk to Ryan Girdusky of Red Alert Politics about the budget deal // Todd Herman talks about how President Trump said Dodd-Frank is out of control ​
18:49 5/3/17
May 2, 2017
A listener, Zach, comes in studio to challenge Todd Herman on why shutting down freeways in protest works // Armstrong and Getty detail the dangers of cable news
31:06 5/2/17
April 27, 2017
Todd Herman talks to Nathan Bowling, the 2016 National Teacher of the Year Finalist and the 2016 Washington State Teacher of the Year about race and the Republican Party​ // Armstrong & Getty discuss a man in Oregon who was fined $500 by the gov't for suggesting a solution to a traffic problem.
20:10 4/27/17
April 26, 2017
Armstrong & Getty break down Trump's 15% tax rate // Todd Herman says Kshama Sawant is a danger - it should be an impeachable offense for an elected official to advocate law breaking.
19:06 4/26/17
Freedom Series - The First 100 Days
April 25, 2017 - Michael Medved, Todd Herman, Chairman of the King County Republican Party Lori Sotelo, and Former State Representative, County Councilman, and GOP State Chairman Chris Vance debate President Trump's first 100 Days at the Washington State History Museum in Tacoma.
01:42:06 4/26/17
April 25, 2017
Todd Herman breaks down the March for Science // Armstrong and Getty discuss The Atlantic Magazine's headline: “Can Satire Save the Republic? Alec Baldwin’s Quest to Conquer Trump”
15:32 4/25/17
April 20, 2017
Armstrong & Getty discuss the hypocrisy in California // Todd says let’s make certain our votes are up for grabs to ANYONE who will apply Conservative principles​
23:54 4/20/17
April 19, 2017
Armstrong & Getty talk with Christopher Ingraham of the Washington Post about marijuana making the mainstream // Todd Herman talks to  Senator Steve O’Ban on Sound Transit’s bait & switch
24:50 4/19/17
April 18, 2017
Todd Herman talks to Author and Professor Laura Kipnis about sexual politics on campus and the fury an article she wrote caused​ // Armstrong & Getty speak with their favorite millennial Ron Meyer about Tax Day.
24:28 4/18/17
April 13, 2017
Todd Herman discusses why words must mean things: words like freedom of speech, tyranny and peace // Armstrong & Getty discuss tattoos and what we can learn from them
21:30 4/13/17
April 12, 2017
Todd Herman breaks down the United Airlines PR disaster // A&G talk about the "red line" that Obama drew on Syria
16:55 4/12/17
April 11, 2017
Joe Getty offers $1000 to a victim of racism if she can prove it really happened // Todd Herman seeks equal treatment from the Seattle City Council
21:07 4/11/17
April 6, 2017
Millennials are starting to rebel against that label. Armstrong & Getty say that's a good thing // Tod Herman talks to Senator Phil Fortunato about his Sound Transit bill.
26:39 4/6/17
April 5, 2017
Armstrong & Getty talk to Ishaan Tharoor of the Washington Post has the latest on the Syria gas attack // Todd Herman welcomes Rep. Mark Harmsworth with the latest from Sound Transit // Michael Medved discusses the Pepsi ad and other ridiculous controversies
33:12 4/5/17
April 4, 2017
Todd Herman talks about Mayor Murray's flip flop on homeless funding // Armstrong & Getty speak with Eddie Scarry, media reporter for Washington Examiner. Fox News was leading with the story. 2 of the 3 big networks didn’t cover it at all, the 3rd barely touched on it // Michael Medved takes your calls
34:28 4/4/17
March 30, 2017
Todd Herman talks about Mayor Muray's lawsuit against Trump on his immigration policy // Armstrong & Getty speak with Mark Krikorian, Executive Director of the Center for Immigration Studies has written a reasonable analysis of the questions we should be asking about immigration // Michael Medved dives into the Trump-Russia relationship
35:43 3/30/17
March 29, 2017
Armstrong and Getty speak to Sheriff Scott Jones of Sacramento County is in studio to discuss the immigration commotion at the capitol, the proceedings of ICE in CA, and what Sanctuary Cities // Todd Herman talks with Elizabeth Campbell, the women who filed a PDC complaint against Ed Murray and the City Council
27:18 3/29/17
March 28, 2017
Michael Medved talks with Administrator of the EPA Scott Pruitt // Armstrong and Getty welcome Ron Meyer of Red Alert Politics to discuss millenial interest in the SCOTUS // Micahel Medved joins Todd to discuss ST3s plan to put a railroad across a floating bridge
30:55 3/28/17
March 22, 2017
Armstrong and Getty speak with Texas Senator John Cornyn who is involved in the judiciary committee. He has been a part of the Gorsuch hearings. // Todd Herman and Michael Medved have a round table
26:09 3/23/17
March 23, 2017
Michael Medved speaks with Former President George W. Bush about his book "Portraits of Courage // Armstrong and Getty talk to Tim “The Lawyer” Sandefur of the Goldwater Institute on the Gorsuch hearings // Todd continues to try to rally people against Sound Transit
30:51 3/23/17