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is Trump’s 15% tax rate the sweet spot for a thriving American economy?
The Trump administration is rolling out plans to simplify the current tax code, and lower the corporate income tax to 15% from 35%. Armstrong and Getty broke down what this means and why it is important to lower the tax rate.
8:07 4/26/17
Violence in Berkeley is a "clash" between right-wingers and leftists
The media is spinning these incidents to sound like the violence is coming from both sides. It's not.
1:21 4/21/17
Ishaan Tharoor of WAPO has the latest on the Syria gas attack
Ishaan Tharoor of the Washington Post has the latest on the Syria gas attack.
10:31 4/5/17
Rapper Snoop Dogg depicted shooting President Trump in music video
In a new music video for a song called “Lavender,” rapper Snoop Dogg is depicted shooting President Trump in the head.
2:56 3/14/17
Kneelgate: A lack of respect for the Oval Office?
A picture of Kellyanne Conway kneeling on a coach in the White House with her shoes on has been in wide circulation. The picture of President Trump’s adviser has caused outrage that Jack Armstrong of the Armstrong and Getty Show says is actually legitimate.
3:32 2/28/17
“Democracy Vouchers” in Seattle are “silly”
The Armstrong & Getty Show spent some time this week discussing an initiative that was passed here in Seattle in 2015. The tax-payer funded “Honest Elections” campaign attempts to take big business out of politics by giving voters “democracy vouchers.” Seattle voters are given four $25 vouchers to give to a mayoral, city council, or city attorney candidate of their choosing.
4:46 2/24/17
The end of Obamacare
Craig Gottwals, the Obamacare Lawyer, shared some grim news about the Affordable Care Act with Armstrong and Getty.
12:09 2/22/17
Has Milo Yiannopoulos’ momentum been derailed?
Audio of Milo Yiannopoulos discussing pedophilia on a 2016 episode of his podcast has garnered attention and stirred up controversy. Yiannopoulos has since apologized in a written statement and has resided from his position as an editor at The Breitbart News Network. Additionally, he will no longer be welcome to speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and his book deal with publishing company Simon & Schuster has been canceled.
12:24 2/21/17
Lyons: To think that Trump is involved with Russia is crazy
To learn more about what is really going on with Russia, The Armstrong and Getty Show welcomed CBS Military Analyst Major Mike Lyons to the show. Major Lyons admitted that Russia as an antagonist needs to be taken seriously, but despite this he urges calm.
6:52 2/16/17
Is the 9th Circuit Court out of line?
A blog post about the 9th Circuit Court of Appeal’s attempt to overturn President Trump’s immigration ban caught the eye of Armstrong and Getty this week. Ilya Shapiro, senior fellow of constitutional studies at the Cato Institute wrote that it was “a dog’s breakfast of a ruling on a dog’s lunch of an executive order.”
11:29 2/11/17
Doctor reveals that Trump is a germophobe
President Trump’s doctor, who famously stated that Trump will be “unequivocally the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency,” had a bizarre interview with the New York Times.
2:12 2/3/17
Blind eye by democrats on violent protesting leads to black eye on party
Over the weekend the country saw a large amount of violent anti-Trump protests conducted in part by those on the left. Ryan Girdusky of Red Alert Politics joined Armstrong and Getty to discuss why this causes much more harm than good to the Democratic Party. A study was conducted by Omar Wasow, an assistant professor of politics at Princeton University. Wasow studied violent vs. non-violent protesting and its effect on people’s perception of a cause during the civil rights movement.
9:10 1/24/17
Chelsea Manning: Dirty Traitor or Troubled Young Person?
In one of his final acts as President of the United States Barack Obama chose to commute the sentence of Chelsea Manning. Formerly known as Bradley Manning, she was convicted of violating the Espionage Act by releasing stolen military documents to Wikileaks in 2010. The Armstrong and Getty Show welcomed CBS Radio national security consultant Dr. Jeff McCausland to comment on the matter.
7:59 1/18/17
Getty: “An astonishing, low moment in radio journalism.”
The torture of a young disabled white male was broadcast via Facebook Live in Chicago. The teenager was tied up and beaten by a group of four black teenagers who repeated anti-Trump language. Some media outlets told this story like it was. Others didn’t. One listener of the Armstrong and Getty Show mentioned a specific CBS Radio report that seemed to blatantly spin the story 180 degrees. The report mentions that someone was tortured and called the “n-word” without mentioning the race of the victim.
6:23 1/5/17
College campus removal of American Flags sparks protest
A controversy over an American flag, which inspired a controversial tweet by the President-Elect, started at Hampshire College in Massachusetts. Hundreds of Veterans and supporters gathered to protest the removal of American flags from the flagpoles around the college.
11:08 11/29/16
Portland protest spokesperson’s positive message buried by media
A few listeners to the Armstrong and Getty show would label Gregory McKelvey as the best liberal guest to ever be on the show. He is the spokesperson for the protests in Portland that turned violent last week and was ashamed at the way the media missed the mark when covering the gatherings.
13:04 11/15/16
Wikileaks releasing daily dose of damning Clinton e-mails
More of the Clinton campaign’s incriminatory e-mails were released by Wikileaks this week, and there are plenty more to come. The Armstrong and Getty Show welcomed Washington Post reporter Rosalind Helderman to the show this week. She said Wikileaks has been releasing about two-thousand e-mails per day.
9:28 10/26/16
The DNC paid individuals to start fist fights at Trump rallies
Two democratic operatives, who have now lost their jobs, were contracted directly with the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee to commence conflict engagement in the lines at Trump rallies. In other words, the DNC hired people to start fights and make Trump supporters look bad. James O’Keefe with Project Veritas, a conservative activist group that uses hidden camera footage to expose misconducts by progressive groups, released a new video containing the confessions of these democratic operatives.
5:20 10/19/16
FBI interviews with State officials show obvious cover-up of Clinton e-mails
On Monday, the FBI released a list of 100 pages of summaries with witnesses of shady dealings within the State Department to keep Hillary’s e-mail scandal contained. Sarah Westwood of the Washington Examiner was on The Armstrong and Getty Show this week. She has been looking into this scandal for more than a year and combed through these pages to find what she called Six Ways State Tried to Cover Up Clinton’s E-Mails.​
9:06 10/18/16
The hosts received a present for National Boss's Day
The hosts received a present for National Boss's Day. Vince and Sean got them a gong.
4:28 10/17/16
Mike Rowe almost shot down a Drone
Mike Rowe comes on with Armstrong and Getty and shares his story of discovering a drone spying on him, as well as his thoughts on what the working man is saying and feeling about the current political situation.
20:24 10/14/16
Gender pronoun debate debunked after U of Michigan student’s joke
As the gender neutrality discussion continues, an online service at The University of Michigan started a new initiative to allow students to select their preferred gender pronouns. Many students may be offended when a teacher makes an assumption and refers them as ‘him,’ or ‘her.’ One student named Grant Strobl accidentally dropped the mic on this issue. He jokingly insisted in the forms that he is called “His Majesty Grant Strobl.”
1:47 10/4/16
Clinton losing ground while trying to gain millennial vote
Hillary Clinton is losing the millennial vote, and her attempt to regain it is making things worse. Ron Meyer from Red Alert Politics joined the Armstrong and Getty Show this week to explain why her strategy is failing.
8:26 9/20/16
Once again the media edits words to favor Clinton campaign
Just last week we saw Bill Clinton’s words blatantly edited by the media in a way that favored the Clinton campaign. The word “frequently” was left out of his description of Hillary’s health episodes. This week, after the news of bombings in New York City and New Jersey, more convenient words were left out of Hillary’s statement to the media.
4:38 9/19/16
The Fear of Lawsuits in the U.S.
A & G touch on what they see as a societal problem: the excessive paperwork needed for even the most basic activities (like 6 year-olds playing soccer) due to the constant fear of lawsuit.
7:56 9/16/16
“Lung Gate:” Hillary’s diagnosis and the attempt to hide it
Joe Getty refers to it as “Lung Gate.” Hillary Clinton has revealed that she was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, but she didn’t tell anybody about it until late Sunday after fainting in the New York sun while attending a ceremony for the victims of 9-11. “I’m not concerned that she’s got some crazy health situation that would be unsafe for the country, that’s not what’s on my mind,” Jack Armstrong of the Armstrong and Getty Show said. “What’s on my mind is that their first instinct is to cover-up.”
7:03 9/12/16
Mike Lyons on the North Korean nuke test, the Commander-in-Chief Forum, and the candidate’s foreign policies and actions
Armstrong and Getty welcome Mike Lyons, CBS Military Analyst, to talk foreign policies and events, including the recent North Korean nuclear test and the Commander-in-Chief Forum.
12:44 9/9/16
Latest info on Hillary’s e-mails illusive release late Friday
Almost as bad as Hillary hiding her private e-mails, or smashing her many electronic devices with a hammer, is the fact that FBI director James Comey told America about it on a Friday evening. Not just any Friday, but the one before Labor Day weekend.
10:20 9/6/16
The media turning on Trump candidacy in droves
There’s been an increasing trend among heavyweights in the media to become actively anti-Trump. Eddie Scarry of the Washington Examiner has been studying this, and he joined the Armstrong and Getty Show this week. “Over the last few weeks we’ve kind of seen the media really getting into the Trump candidacy and really hammering controversy after controversy,” Scarry said. “I watch Morning Joe every day and it has been strange to see how they went from being so cozy with him...to having Joe Scarborough basically telling the Republican Party to dump him.”
8:47 8/31/16
Shelby Emmett a lawyer for F.I.R.E.
Shelby Emmett a lawyer for F.I.R.E. with an update on the fight to allow equality for all ideologies on college campuses
7:19 8/31/16