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Here you'll find a curated selection of can't-miss segments from Todd Herman, Michael Medved and Armstrong and Getty.

March 22, 2017
Armstrong and Getty speak with Texas Senator John Cornyn who is involved in the judiciary committee. He has been a part of the Gorsuch hearings. // Todd Herman and Michael Medved have a round table
26:09 3/23/17
March 23, 2017
Michael Medved speaks with Former President George W. Bush about his book "Portraits of Courage // Armstrong and Getty talk to Tim “The Lawyer” Sandefur of the Goldwater Institute on the Gorsuch hearings // Todd continues to try to rally people against Sound Transit
30:51 3/23/17
March 16, 2017
Michael Medved sits down with former director of the CIA General Michael Hayden // Todd Herman speaks with Jay Richards from the “A Force For Good” TV show about being a proud Christian
29:20 3/16/17
March 15, 2017
Michael speaks with Lanhee Chen of Stanford Law School about the GOP health care plan // WA Policy Center’s Mariya Frost joins The Todd Herman Show to talk car tabs and how our area could be functioning if local politicians valued mobility // Armstrong and Getty have their final analysis of the Trump Tower wiretapping story
27:18 3/15/17
March 14, 2017
Todd Herman and Michael Medved have a round table // Armstrong and Getty talk about Snoop Dogg's new music video, in which he is depicted shooting President Trump // It's Conspiracy Day on the Medved Show
20:34 3/14/17
March 8, 2017
Michael Medved takes a phone call from a heated female listener about National Women's Day // Todd Herman is becoming an independent because of GOP health care plan // Armstrong and Getty talk with Washington Examiner White House reporter Sarah Westwood who has the latest on the GOP's health care plan
28:44 3/8/17
March 7, 2017
Armstrong and Getty talk with Craig the Obamacare lawyer about the GOP's new proposal to replace ACA // Todd Herman speaks with veteran Frank Sheldon about his new book "The Suicide Solution'
30:49 3/7/17
March 2, 2017
Sen. Steve O’Ban joins The Todd Herman Show to give an update on why Gov. Inslee launched an investigation into a WSP officer for cooperating with a Federal Warrant // Armstrong and Getty have a round table with foster parents and children // Michael Medved defends Jeff Sessions. He did NOT lie under oath.
35:12 3/2/17
March 1, 2017
Michael Medved assesses the Democratic response to President Trump's congressional address // Todd Herman talks about a registered sex-offender who is vying for transgender rights // Armstrong and Getty share Jerry Seinfeld's opinion of award shows
23:04 3/1/17
February 28, 2017
Michael Medved breaks down the vandalism at Jewish cemeteries this week // Todd Herman says healthcare is complicated because of government, it is expensive because of government, and it is in shortage because of government // Armstrong & Getty discuss Kellyanne Conway's kneeling in the Oval Office.
27:38 2/28/17
February 22, 2017
Armstrong & Getty talk with Obamacare lawyer Craig Gottwals about how the ACA is coming to an end // Michael Medved discusses the Trump/Hitler comparison // Todd Herman talks Milo resigns from Breitbart and apologizes for some of his statements
30:07 2/23/17
February 23, 2017
Todd Herman talks liability insurance for gun owners and if “big oil” was responsible for lumps of gross stuff closing our beaches it would be national news// Armstrong and Getty talk to Nicole Duran of WA Examiner discusses the hysteria at town hall meetings lately “the Tea Party of the left” // Michael Medved talks with Chairman of the American Conservative Union Matt Schlapp love at CPAC
33:29 2/23/17
February 21, 2017
Armstrong and Getty discuss Milo Yiannopoulos' comments on pedophilia // Michael Medved debunks that President Trump and his cabinet are anti-Semitic 
23:03 2/21/17