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On Above & Beyond, former Seattle Seahawks quarterback and 710 ESPN Seattle host Brock Huard talks one-on-one about trials and triumphs, struggles and perseverance. Listen to intimate stories about how champions dealt with their greatest professional adversities. It's stories of faith beyond just a sound bite. Every two weeks. To sponsor a child in need visit www.compassion.com/above.

Make Things Better with Tony Dungy
Hall of Fame coach Tony Dungy is one of the most outspoken men of faith in the NFL. From being kicked out of games for fighting in his youth, to dealing with racism, to the tragic loss of his son James, Coach Dungy has faced hardships. So how did this once hot-head become one of the foremost examples of poise, compassion, and success in the world of sports? On this episode of Above & Beyond, Brock talks with his former coach about his incredible journey of faith and his determination to better not just his own life, but the lives of everyone around him.
41:35 4/25/17
Authenticity with Matt Hasselbeck
On the first episode of Above & Beyond, Brock sits down with friend and former Seahawks teammate QB Matt Hasselbeck. From growing up with Christian parents to spending time at Green Bay with Reggie White to running away from baptism, Matt shares some of the most important moments from his faith and sports journey.
41:27 4/11/17
Above and Beyond Trailer
Hear athletes' personal stories of faith not edited down to a sound bite. Each episode of Above and Beyond is an intimate, one-on-one conversation lead by former Seattle Seahawks QB and 710 ESPN Seattle host Brock Huard. Real stories of how champions dealt with their greatest professional adversities. The struggles, the trials, the moments that define them. Every two weeks. Season One begins April 2017.
01:17 3/17/17