Is the fight against marijuana legalization over?

By Daron Casey | April 20, 2017

Armstrong and Getty welcomed Washington Post economy reporter Christopher Ingraham to discuss how marijuana has gone “mainstream.” In his piece, Christoper Ingraham breaks down several charts that indicate the state of pot in America.

Statistics are showing that there are almost as many regular marijuana users in the United States (55 million) as there are cigarette smokers (59 million).

“So what that suggests is that as more states legalize, more people will try marijuana,” Ingraham told Armstrong & Getty. “They’ll become more supportive of legalization, and in a sense, you’ll get this positive feedback loop.”

The charts also share that more people have used marijuana than haven’t, which would suggest that this positive feedback would be the opinion of a majority.

Joe Getty chimed in with his attitude on the subject.

“I think it’s a bad idea to smoke pot … but I’m a liberty loving guy and I believe people ought to be able to run their lives however they want. So having said that, that ship has sailed.”

The ship he refers to is the battle against legalization, and Jack Armstrong agrees.

“I don’t understand why anyone even talks about it in terms of fighting it. It’s just over.”

Most of the support for legalization is for medical versus recreational, but the thought of treating more than half of the country as criminals because they have used a drug that is now considered legal in several states seems futile.

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