Ted Cruz compares Congress to ‘The Godfather’ movies

By KTTH | May 2, 2016
ted cruz

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz isn’t shy about the disapproval he has of his fellow members of the senate. And that didn’t change when speaking to “Armstrong and Getty” on Monday.

“People go to Congress and they’re usually good people when they get there,” he said. “They ran for office because they believed in something and want to make a difference. What happens is it’s a series of small compromises. They start to go down a slippery slope.”

Cruz likened the situations to the “Godfather” movies, where Michael Corleone is supposed to be the good son, but always gets pulled away.

“He’s not gonna go into the mob; he’s gonna be the good, and honorable and legitimate son,” Cruz said. “And yet he makes a series of decisions, each of which seems to make sense: Well, his dad has been shot, he’s got to protect his dad; he’s got to defend his family. And every movie ends with Michael being a mass murderer. Everyone gets whacked. It’s the same thing in Congress where it’s a series of small decisions.”

Listen to the entire interview here.

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