Todd Herman: My promises to the listeners of KTTH

By KTTH | September 1, 2015

Might we start our working relationship with some promises from me to you? That might seem a bit much given that we are simply talking about a radio show host and the listeners to the program, but I take it for a bit more than that. You make a choice when you choose KTTH over a Podcast, music radio, satellite radio or singing some long lost classic rock song to yourself. The simple fact is this: without you there is no Todd Herman show. Hence, I feel that some promises are in order:

I will not lie to you — That goes beyond telling the truth—a habit for me—it means that, even when I think it might make you angry I am going to tell you my true opinion. Please do the same: if I have it wrong in your eyes, be a part of the show; give us a call, tweet, text or note.

If this show is no longer a joy for me to do, I will not do it any longer — The bumper music we chose to open the show is related to this promise, it’s also a double entendre; did anyone spot it? In my life I have dug ditches, washed dishes, sold blood for money, drove vans of usually homeless people around so they could hang door-hanger ads on your door (yeah, sorry about that); I have also started multiple companies, sold some, worked as a Fortune 500 tech executive and at high levels of national politics (yeah, sorry about that). This is my second swing through radio—I was pretty good as a young guy, but far too young to have a radio show—and this isn’t easy, but I am here to tell you, it’s not hard in comparison to real work, either. If one cannot operate in a state of joy getting paid money to express their opinion into a microphone connected to people’s homes, cars and ears then one has no business getting money for nothing.

I don’t feel any compulsion to agree with Michael Medved, David Boze (or any other host on the station) on everything – Obvious, right? If you have spent any time around Michael and Dave, you probably respect them as much as I do; they are both men of huge intellects and deep, abiding love for this country and the principles of conservative governance. In all likelihood you also disagree with them on specific issues—I know I do; given their I.Q’.s, it’s a good idea to be well thought out when you do disagree with them, I will endeavor to be thus prepared. Our three differing takes on how to govern from core, conservative principles is one of the gifts of KTTH: three of your neighbors who agree on the pillars of conservatism—among them: rule of law, not whims of people; government at consent of the governed; limited power of government and unlimited potential for human invention—invite you into a broadcast conversation every day of the work week to add your unique, specific ideas to our Seattle conservative underground. Don’t feel the need to agree with me on specifics, maybe you can change my mind.

Even when I find it nearly impossible, I am going to try to find agreement with liberal guests — Funny one, that. I mean it, though. If we every really want our country back—yes, I know what I mean when I say that: back from K Street, crony capitalists, authoritarians, professional progressives for profit and the D.C. cartel—then we have to find a way to bring back to small government / big people thinking as many of our friends, relatives and acquaintances as we can and that will require finding ways to agree. Americans first, we need to keep that one in mind, though I admit it’s hard when paid progressives for profit and K Street are rolling up our hard earned tax money and lighting cigars with it.

As long as you want to be, you will always be a part of this — I care what you think of the show; I will always care what you think.

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