Lt. General McInerney warns of major Sept. 11 threat

By KTTH | August 25, 2014

By Caleb Howe

On Fox News on Saturday, retired Air Force Lt. General Thomas McInerney made a startling claim while speaking to host Uma Pemmaraju about a range of topics, including the situation with ISIS. Answering Pemmaraju’s question about what he has been hearing from his contacts, McInerney suddenly warned of a potentially huge threat leading up to September 11th of this year.

On the seventh of September, a major news network and a major publishing network are gonna put out a book, and it’s gonna be earth-shattering of what’s happening and what happened. And the fact is we may even see a 9/11/14, MH370 resurface again. We should be prepared for anything. We should go to DEFCON 1, which is our highest state of readiness and be prepared as we lead up to 9/11.

When he was pushed for details he said he could give any more details than what he already said, but emphasized that he believes America should “pay attention”. McInerney also strongly asserted that Americans are less safe today than six years ago, before Barack Obama’s foreign policy.

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