Martinez candidacy can only help the GOP

By Stephanie Klein | August 14, 2014

By Michael Medved

Conservative Governor Susana Martinez of New Mexico seems to be cruising to victory in her race for a second term, and if she wins the expected landslide she should consider a race for the presidency.

As a veteran prosecutor with an admirable tough-on-crime record, and as the wife and daughter of law enforcement professionals, she would provide a refreshing alternative to the scandal-plagued, morally-compromised Obama administration.

During her four years in office, polls showed her approval ratings consistently topping 60 percent, making her one of the nation’s most popular governors. A Martinez candidacy could attract attention from Latino voters normally uninterested in the Republican Party. Even more importantly, she would give the GOP a credible, down-to-earth female candidate in a year when Hillary Clinton will capture adoring media attention. Even if she’s not nominated for president or vice president in 2016, a race for high office would bring needed new energy to the GOP.

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