James O’Keefe crosses US-Mexican border dressed as Osama bin Laden

By Stephanie Klein | August 12, 2014

By Daniel Mael

James O’Keefe strikes again.

This time, O’Keefe crossed the United States/Mexico border dressed as Osama bin Laden and exposed the extent of the crisis on the border. In the footage released Monday morning, O’Keefe is seen freely crossing between the United States and Mexico with no visible border control or border security. O’Keefe notes that there is even a foot bridge that extends over a 15 foot-wide river that serves as the border.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and President Barack Obama have repeatedly stated “the border is secure.” As O’Keefe proves, it is not.

The Daily Caller elaborated on the National Security threat that the open border creates:

Read more at Truth Revolt.

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