NYT: Obama playing a ‘Cynical and Destructive’ game

By Stephanie Klein | August 4, 2014

By Bradford Thomas

New York Times op-ed columnist Ross Douthat argued this weekend that the truly dangerous political game in Washington was not being played by House Republicans with their lawsuit and the specter of impeachment, as the media would have it, but by the president himself, whose tactics are far more “cynical and destructive”—and if allowed to continue unchecked will lead us “into the antidemocratic dark”:

Something rather dangerous is happening in American politics right now, all the more so for being taken for granted by many of the people watching it unfold.

I do not mean the confusion of House Republicans, or the general gridlock in Congress, which are impeding legislative action on the child migrant crisis (among other matters). Incompetence and gridlock are significant problems, indeed severe ones, but they’re happening within the context of a constitutional system that allows for — and can survive — congressional inaction.

What is different — more cynical and more destructive — is the course President Obama is pursuing in response.

The “cynical and destructive” course Douthat is talking about: the president’s impeachment game. Douthat notes the orchestrated moves by “the Obama political apparatus”—including one of the president’s close aides, the DCCC, and the Obama media wing at MSNBC—which “has been talking nonstop about an alleged Republican plan to impeach the president,” while knowing full well it’s a sham: “Anyone paying attention knows that no such impeachment plan is currently afoot.”

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