Sarah Palin defends call to impeach President Obama

By Stephanie Klein | July 29, 2014

By Stephanie Klein

Former governor of Alaska and 2008 candidate for Vice President Sarah Palin is defending her call to impeach President Obama, calling it the only feasible way to make a change in the White House.

KTTH’s Michael Medved asked her what the point is if Senate Democrats would never go for it.

“So it’s not guaranteed.  Neither is a lawsuit. It’s going to take years, I believe to get that through the system.  And it’s not guaranteed,” said Palin. “I believe the founders provided the remedy for such a problem as we’re facing today.”

Medved said he and Palin don’t disagree about the misdemeanors the Obama administration as committed, but the numbers don’t add up for a serious impeachment. The campaign needs Democrats to make a change.

“Who are these Democrats,” asked Palin. “You got to know that there are still Reagan Democrats and Blue Dog Democrats, those who will stiffen their spines and do the right thing because both political parties have so many problems that a lot of Americans maybe were registered in a party, but were independent. I believe that there are elected independent Democrats who will do the right thing.”

Listen to Sarah Palin’s interview with Michael Medved



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