‘Kitty Hall’ PR stunt fails because government isn’t good at being cuddly

By KTTH | July 16, 2014

Taken from The Ben Shapiro Show.

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray is focusing hard on the big issues that face us in the city: On Tuesday, Mayor Murray proclaimed City Hall “Kitty Hall” for a day.

The government is always trying to look friendly, cuddly, and cozy. Look, they like little kittens!

But the government doesn’t care about you. They’re just doing this for PR.

Murray proclaimed the building “Kitty Hall.” His honor was marking Adopt-a-Cat month with discounted adoption fees. The mayor dodged embarrassing alternatives, like “Cat House” which would have been more appropriate for City Hall.

“Cats are naturally independent creatures which would make them the purrfect pet for hard-working city dwellers,” said Murray, in a sentence that makes you want to put your head through a plate-glass window.

From the Seattle PI:

Before encouraging cat ownership, however, Murray might look at a recent report by the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The study estimated that cats in America kill between 1.4 billion and 3.7 billion birds annually, and kill between 7 billion and 20 million small mammals, not just mice but chipmunks and cottontail rabbits. […]

George Fenwick of the American Bird Conservancy has called the finding “a wake-up call for cat owners and communities to get serious about the problem before even more ecological damage occurs.

But it’s good to know the mayor has his eyes firmly trained on what matters in Seattle: making sure that more people get cats.

In a city where people have more pets than children, it’s imperative that we focus in on cat adoption.

Look, I’m not against cat adoption. My grandmother adopted a cat. I didn’t like the thing, but my grandmother adopted a cat. It made her happy, until it started biting her and scratching her, because cats are evil.

Nonetheless, if you want to adopt a cat, good for you. I just don’t know why the government is involved in the cat adoption business.

Taken from Tuesday’s edition of The Ben Shapiro Show.


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