MSNBC on Hillary: ‘More that she’s in the public spotlight, the less the public seems to like her’

By KTTH | July 14, 2014
Hillary Rodham Clinton


Has this tour been too much, too soon?” asked MSNBC afternoon anchor Craig Melvin about Hillary Clinton and her tone-deaf, gaffe-filled media blitz to promote her poorly-selling book, Hard Choices.

Melvin pointed out the multiple missteps including the “dead broke” gaffe when multi-millionaire Clinton claimed to be impoverished when she left the White House in 2000.

The Huffington Post’s Ryan Grim jumped in and supported the “less Hillary is more” premise:

“Well, there’s been a really disturbing trend for Hillary Clinton throughout her entire political career, and that’s the more she is in the public spotlight, the less the public seems to like her.  And this goes all the way back to First Lady. When she gets out of the public eye, her favorability soars. And it stayed high throughout her tenure at the State Department where that’s not the type of position where you’re in the news every day though people are aware that she’s out in the world doing good things. As soon as she comes back into the 24-hour news cycle, you see this plummeting. And it’s, a lot of it are ‘own goals’ from Hillary. Where, sure, she was in deep debt when she came out of the White House, but people who have President of the United States and First Lady on their resume and are elected Senator from New York tend to have favorable futures.”

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