8 reasons Hillary will run in 2016

By KTTH | July 11, 2014
Hillary Rodham Clinton

Don’t think Hillary will run in 2016? Here’s a brief history of Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations: She assumed co-presidency with Bill in 1992, which wasn’t enough. After the Clintons left the White House in 2000, Hillary did the obligatory Senate thing, and then seriously toyed with running in 2004. She decided to hold out until 2008. But, Obama defeated her. So, she did the obligatory presidential cabinet thing ascending to Secretary of State while biding her time for a 2016 run. That takes us today, where we can present eight good reasons Hillary will run in 2016.

1) Her new book – What do all potential presidential candidates do before they run for president? They release a cloying, self-congratulatory autobiography with a meaningless adverbial title like, “Dream for Winning” or “Freedom Striving.” These books are supposed to frame the candidate as whatever it is the candidate wants to be framed as. In this case, Hillary’s “Tough Choices” is meant to make her look like a tough choice maker, or, someone fit to be president.

2) Her last shot – On Election Day 2016, Hillary Clinton will turn 69. If she ran in 2020 and won, she would be near 80 by then end of her first term. If she wins in 2016, she would tie Ronald Reagan as the oldest president on inauguration day. Reagan was nearly 70 in January 1981.

3) In the works since 1963 – In 1963, a young Hillary Rodham lost her bid to become high school class president. According to reports, that 1963 loss emboldened Clinton to run for president in college. She has never been satisfied, constantly seeking to dominate politics for 51 years.

4) Strong First Lady – When has a First Lady ever tried to overhaul an entire nation’s healthcare policy? Never. Michelle Obama is content with gardening and school lunch menus; she has no ambition for higher office. Hillary’s time in the White House in the 1990s was prep for her destiny, the presidency.

5) High approval rating – Though it’s changed over time, Hillary Clinton is popular, and she knows it. After her resignation as Secretary of State, a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll found that Clinton had a 69 percent approval rating. Her approval rating fell to around 50 percent when it was measured in April, but that’s still better than Barack Obama, and better than any likely Republican presidential candidate (Jeb Bush is closest with 40 percent approval).

6) Book tour behavior – If you watched Hillary’s behavior during her recent “Tough Choices” book tour, you would notice that she was measured, moderate, and lacking any substance whatsoever. That’s purposeful. Clinton does not want a gaffe tripping her up now. If she was truly out of politics for good, she would probably be openly hostile toward Obama, or at least making substantive policy statements.

7) Ready For Hillary PAC – There’s a supposedly independent political action committee that’s been around for a few years called Ready For Hillary. The purpose of the PAC is to “pledge to help put Hillary in the White House in 2016.” If you think this is anything but a pre-presidential money grab for Hillary run by some slick political consulting firm, then you’re probably a two-time Obama voter.

8) Washington owes her – This is not even something Hillary tries to hide. After years of toiling just inches from the highest political office in the world, Clinton believes that she is owed the presidency. She stuck with Bill through that Lewinsky business, she stepped aside to let Barack Obama become president, she spent eight years slumming it in the Senate, she took the heat for Benghazi – she deserves reparations for all that heavy lifting. In her mind, Hillary has already ascended to the presidency, and now all she has to do is wait until January 2017 to be sworn in. Make no mistake, there will still be lots of bloodletting between now and then.

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