Hillary Clinton reveals familiar strategy for 2016 campaign

By KTTH | June 19, 2014

Hillary Clinton on becoming the first female president

The media has mostly buried coverage of Hillary Clinton’s ongoing book tour because of the important foreign conflicts around the world, like the chaos in Iraq, Russia cutting natural gas supplies to Ukraine, and the capture of a man involved in the Benghazi attacks.

But, as hosts Ben Shapiro and David Boze point out, Hillary’s tour is giving us an excellent preview of her upcoming run for president. Clinton is being very moderate, giving vanilla answers on everything from legalized marijuana to Benghazi.

Clinton appeared in Seattle on Wednesday night. Supporters lined up around the block at the University of Washington bookstore to get a signed copy of “Hard Choices” (which sold an underwhelming 85,000 copies in the first week; her publisher expected 150,000 copies to sell).

In fact, Shapiro pointed to one particularly boring answer Clinton gave on legalized marijuana as evidence of her middle-of-the-road answers to questions from reporters.

“We have at least two states that are experimenting with [recreational marijuana]; I want to wait and see what the result is,” she told CNN.

“Hillary Clinton thinks she’s going to Cream of Wheat her way to the presidency,” Shapiro said. “Hillary is obviously campaigning from the middle at this point. She does not see a threat from her left. Which is funny, because she got beat in 2008 from her left. Her own base thinks she’s hackneyed.”

Hillary Clinton broke from that middle-of-the-road pandering, however, in a recent interview on CNN with Christiane Amanpour. One answer that she gave to a question from Amanpour revealed the real – and ridiculous – platform Clinton will run on in 2016.

“You suggest basically that some of the political opposition to Barack Obama could have something to do with the color of his skin. Do you agree with that? What do you think about that?” Amanpour asked.

Clinton, like a good mystery writer, left the twist for the end:

“Well, I can’t read the minds of all of the opposition. But some of it is virulent and really in my view quite detached from the job that not only this president is doing, or any president has to do,” she said. “It’s really a hard job. And you’re not going to agree, I don’t care who you are, with everything any president does. There are many reasons why people are opposed to political figures. I felt when I ran in 2008, there were people opposed to me because I was a woman.”

Say it again, Hillary.

“I felt when I ran in 2008, there were people opposed to me because I was a woman.”

So, there you have it – a perfect example of how the Clinton campaign and the media will work in partnership to send the message that if you don’t help elect the first woman president, you’re sexist.

“She doesn’t want to take away the victim card that the left likes to play,” Boze said. “Then she has to attach herself to Barack Obama. ‘Some people oppose me merely because I’m a woman.’ How many people do that? Why were there such big fans of Sarah Palin?

“Hillary there allows Amanpour to do the majority of the work,” by asking the race/sex question, Boze commented. “Then she’s able to tie herself into victim knots by the end of the whole thing.”

Clinton’s answer outraged Shapiro, who threatened to harm himself is he has to hear a Democrat – again – use race or sex as a means to further their political career.

“How often are we going to sit here and pretended that America is a deeply racist country when Barack Obama is just a really bad president? How many times are we going to sit around and pretend people oppose Hillary because she has a va-hoo-hoo as opposed to because she’s dramatically unqualified and she stunk at her job as Secretary of State?

“If her name were Joe Rodham Clinton, no one would care. No one would be interested in her. The only reason anyone is mildly interested in Hillary is because of her womb. Eighteen percent of people according to Gallup believe Hillary should be elected president because she has a hoo-hoo.”

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