Limbaugh calls Lois Lerner email loss ‘in-your-face’ lie

By KTTH | June 17, 2014
Lois Lerner

On Friday, the IRS announced that it could not supply the emails of Lois Lerner to a Congressional subcommittee investigating the targeting of conservative groups by the tax collection agency.

The IRS used that same excuse on Monday, when it told Ways and Means Committee chair Dave Camp a computer crash erased emails sent by Nikole Flax, chief of staff for former IRS commissioner Steven Miller.

Host Rush Limbaugh does not buy the IRS excuse – after all, what would they say if you could not turn over documents to them?

“If you think that the Lois Lerner emails are lost, you need to wake up.  There is no way those e-mails are gone. There’s no way a hard drive crash at the IRS or DOJ, a single crash has resulted in those e-mails being lost,” he said. “There are backups every which way from Sunday.”

Rush proposed that the emails would have been on other servers that did not crash. Limbaugh called the Friday Lerner announcement a “news dump.”

“Since the Eisenhower administration, every federal agency’s required to have a Continuity of Operations Plan. And the plan requires that they make and store duplicates of everything,” Limbaugh said. “On top of that, Congress was assured by the IRS commissioner under oath that Lois Lerner’s e-mails were all archived.  That was last summer when all of this was going down.  So this is just another example of the White House insulting our intelligence with their in-your-face lies, is what this is.”

The announcement Friday that the emails were gone came 10 months after Congress requested them, Limbaugh said, and seven months after the House Oversight Committee subpoenaed them.

“[The administration is] pretty confident nobody’s going to do anything about it, other than flap their gums, talk about how mad they are, but that’s going to be the end of it,” Limbaugh said. “Next time you get audited by the IRS and they want you to produce documents, say, ‘Oh, I don’t have them. My hard drive crashed.’ See how far it gets you.”

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