Limbaugh says voters saw Cantor as Washington insider

By KTTH | June 11, 2014

David Brat primary victory speech

KTTH host Rush Limbaugh is weighing in on the Eric Cantor defeat, and he’s falling squarely on the side of Cantor’s status as an insider politician as the reason:

“Congressman Cantor was seen as part of that very small yet powerful group of elites in the establishment to whom what happens in the rest of the country is not even known, nor is there much concern for it,” Limbaugh said. “You know, this border business. As I say, if they were serious about securing the border, if they really thought that that’s all they had to do to get support for amnesty, then they’d be out there doing it.

“People have less and less respect for and use for Washington, the whole thing. Republicans, Democrats, the administration, the administrative state, the regulatory state, the bureaucracy, the FDA, the IRS, all of this.

“People are fed up. They’re fed up with lobbyists. They’re fed up with the Chamber of Commerce. They’re fed up with all these media pundit celebrities who also don’t know what they’re talking about, who have no idea what life is really like for most people in this country and don’t seem to really care. That’s what people are fed up with.

“And if Eric Cantor was perceived as being part of that, that alone would suffice to explain his defeat.”

Meanwhile, it appears Cantor got the message – reports are flying that Cantor will not challenge Republican primary winner David Brat as a write-in candidate. And, Cantor will step down as Majority Leader by July if not sooner.

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