No, the Las Vegas shooters were not conservatives

By KTTH | June 10, 2014

MSNBC conflates Las Vegas shooters’ motives with conservatism 

What has the media told you about the lunatic couple who killed two police officers and a civilian in a mass shooting in Las Vegas on Sunday?

The media has told you the following: That they draped the two police officers in swastikas and Gadsden flags, the yellow “Don’t Tread On Me” ones with the coiled snake waved at so many Tea Party rallies. That they camped at Bundy ranch.  That one of them was employed at Hobby Lobby, the big-box chain currently suing to stop a provision of Obamacare. That they “liked” the Heritage Foundation, the NRA, and FreedomWorks on Facebook. And that they were obsessed with government tyranny and inspired by right-wing radio.

In brief, the media has told you that the two wing nuts who committed the Las Vegas shooting were typical conservatives. As Daily Caller columnist J. Arthur Bloom described it, these were the shooters that the media has always wanted.

“Not only does the media systematically inflate any connection between violent people and right-wing politics, it also downplays things like [UC Santa Barbara shooter] Elliot Rodger being a fairness-obsessed fan of [left wing news site] The Young Turks,” he wrote. His entire column is worth a read, as it recounts every time the media tried to pin a mass shooting on a conservative, but got it disastrously wrong.

In reality, the Las Vegas shooters only lived up to stereotypes of conservatives, stereotypes created by the media. The fact is, they were murderous lunatic anarchists, and have more in common with David Berkowitz than David Boze.

“It’s almost made to order,” Boze said, about the ridiculous stereotypes the Las Vegas shooters embodied. The only thing that would’ve made it better for the media is if the shooting had started at a Chick-fil-A instead of a pizza buffet.

The shooters, a young married couple, were basically transients with absolutely zero professional accomplishments. The man was a felon, convicted here in Washington of car theft. Neighbors described them negatively, alleging they were addicted to methamphetamines. Does that sound like any conservative you know?

“There was an MSNBC rant by a host saying that right wing radio and other people who say government is a problem are reaping what they sow here,” Boze continued. “It’s ridiculous. But you look at it and see that these guys were shoved off the Bundy Ranch – not even the more radical militia guys seemed eager to be around this couple.”

Host Michael Medved contrasted the Las Vegas shooters to Jon Meis, the hero of the Seattle Pacific University shooting who disabled the shooter with pepper spray. Truly, Meis embodied conservative values (we’re not saying he was one because political affiliation is private) due to his preparedness for the situation, his bravery, his willingness to sacrifice himself for others, and, above all, his deep religious faith.

“Look, they found swastikas in [the Las Vegas] apartment. These are not, how do I put it, not conventionally religious people,” Medved said of the shooters.

Medved condemned the Las Vegas shooters, and anyone else who would distort American history in such a demented manner to justify bloodshed.

“The idea that they were so involved in anti-government activities and claiming they were going to start a revolution – can this illustrate why it’s dangerous and wrong and profoundly irresponsible to keep invoking and distorting the reality of the American Revolution?” Medved said. “This is profoundly evil and irresponsible and to talk about violent revolution in this country – it makes no sense.”

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