Rush Limbaugh defines the Obama Doctrine

By KTTH | June 6, 2014

Out for coffee? President Barack Obama greets a Marine on Friday, June 6, before a ceremony commemorating D-Day (AP). 

Ending two weeks of Barack Obama blundering through military and foreign policy issues – from a nauseating speech at West Point to releasing terrorists – it appears we finally have a good definition for the Obama Doctrine.

Host Rush Limbaugh has an excellent breakdown of Obama’s overriding foreign policy and military prescription:

“Remember the other day we played audio sound bites of President Obama’s commencement speech to the cadets at West Point? Do you know that only 25 percent of the cadets stood or applauded when he entered the room or when he left?

“But what’s funny, you know, I think I got a pretty good handle on Obama’s view of this country. You can sum it up in two words, but I would like more nuance than that. The Obama Doctrine is that America has been a false superpower, an illegitimate one. We acquired our superpower status in less than honest ways, and now the world sees us for who we really are, and we must now demonstrate to the world that we are no longer that cowboy country running roughshod over everybody. And we need to apologize and acknowledge that we’re aware of that now to the rest of the world so that we will be seen with more friendly eyes.
“Dick Cheney was on Hannity and said, ‘This is the weakest president in my lifetime.’ Why? He has a chip on his shoulder about this country. It’s how he was raised; it’s how he was educated. Look, when a guy writes in his own book that his first job out of college in a law firm he thinks he’s in enemy territory because he’s at a capitalist organization, it should tell you something.

“The Obama Doctrine is America is not anything exceptional.

“That America is no better, America is no different from anywhere else in the world, and it’s a mistake to think that we’re better people. That’s what he thinks people are saying when they talk about American exceptionalism.

“Obama hears American exceptionalism and he thinks, ‘People are saying, ‘We’re better people,’ and we’re not!  See, we had slavery. We were racists and we were bigots and we discriminated. No way we’re better than anybody else! We’ve got a long way to go, in fact, to be better than anybody else. We’ve got a lot to make up for.’

“The vast majority of people who have lived on this planet have had really hard lives. They lived under tyranny, authoritarianism, dictatorship, you name it. There never was a nation before the United States, which founded itself and organized itself on the belief that the citizen was the center of the universe.

“The free, liberated citizen was the engine. Every other nation on earth that had been formed or every other population was always dominated by brutal, tyrannical, dictatorial leaders who led by intimidation, punishment, brutality. The United States came along and was the exception to all of that.

“The United States comes along and is founded under the premise that we are all created by God and we’re all created equal and we are all created yearning for freedom, that that is the natural existence of the human spirit. It had never happened before. The Constitution of this country was written for the first time in human history to limit the power of its leaders, to limit the power of its government. It had never happened before.

“That’s the exception. American exceptionalism is about the exception to the rule or the exception to the norm.

“Not that we’re better people, not that we have better DNA, not that we’re smarter. We’ve had more freedom. We’ve had more liberty. We’ve had the ability to live our lives according to our desires, not according to the limits placed on us by other human beings.

“Obama doesn’t understand that.”

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