KTTH Morning Update – June 6, 2014

By KTTH | June 6, 2014

The 70th anniversary of D-Day

D-Day Was 70 Years Ago: Today is June 6, and 70 years ago 160,000, American, Canadian, and British troops stormed beaches along the French Normandy coast in a military operation that would eventually end World War II. An estimated 3,000 Allied troops died in the operation and 9,000 were wounded.

Tragedy at Seattle Pacific University: A Seattle Pacific University student likely saved the lives of scores of people on Thursday afternoon after he pepper sprayed a gunman who entered a campus building and started shooting. Tragically, the shooter, a 26-year-old from Mountlake Terrace, who reportedly was obsessed with mass shootings, was able to kill one person and injure three others before he was subdued. The shooter was not a Seattle Pacific University student.

Employment Rate Flat: The unemployment rate remained unchanged at 6.3 percent, and the economy added 217,000 jobs in May, according to monthly Labor Department figures. Good news is that the growth is much better than at the beginning of the year, and the U.S. economy is growing faster than some countries in Europe and Asia.

Photo Gets Michigan Republicans in Trouble: Three Michigan Republican state legislators photographed by a reporter smiling and reading women’s fashion magazines, with one quipping, “Don’t say we don’t understand women,” are in trouble for “callous stereotyping” of women. The group Progress Michigan is calling for the Republicans to apologize.

Pizza Guy May Cost GOP the Senate: A new polls shows that a Libertarian candidate in a North Carolina U.S. Senate race is doing well enough to siphon off votes from the Republican candidate. Sean Haugh, according to one poll, has about 11 percent of the vote, enough to allow him to debate with the other two candidates.

Hillary Book Leaking Out: The scheduled release date for Hillary Clinton’s “Hard Choices” pre-presidential run requirement memoir is June 10, but it’s available in some stores, and parts are leaking out. She devotes an entire chapter to Benghazi, concluding that, “There will never be perfect clarity on everything that happened.” At least, she hopes so.

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