Watch: Andrew Klavan exposes fake global warming ‘crisis’

By KTTH | June 6, 2014

From, commentator Andrew Klavan has a pretty amazing video out about the alleged global warming trend. Klavan says:

Fake global warming is one of the most serious fake problems not actually facing our nation today.  According to smarmy billionaire Al Gore, we must take useless and expensive actions immediately or the polar ice caps will be completely melted by two thousand and thirteen… which will be catastrophic when last year arrives.

And the polar bears — oh, the polar bears!  Studies reveal that over the last twenty years, as computer models of the climate have progressively damaged computer models of their habitat, the polar bear population has steadily increased.  But that’s only in real life! In the computer models, the poor creatures are dropping like flies.

Watch the whole funny and deadly serious thing below.

Andrew Klavan on global warming crisis

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