Dr. Ben Carson tells David Boze America needs civil dicsussion

By KTTH | May 22, 2014

Dr. Ben Carson Incredible Welfare Speech

Dr. Ben Carson has a quick history lesson for all Americans, liberal and conservative.

Before the American Revolution, there were two sides: the patriots fighting for freedom from England, and the tax-loving King George loyalists. You would expect both sides to hate each other, but that’s untrue. It was the patriots who offered peace by holding open meetings to discuss the situation in the colonies.

That’s an apt lesson for conservatives: Love your enemy and talk with your enemy, and use facts and civility to allow your enemy to come to your side. No doubt, those patriots swayed plenty of loyalists.

“We have to replace the political correctness and war games” – Carson’s term for the various “wars” against women, income, etc. that the left has concocted – “with civil discussion,” Carson told host David Boze during an exclusive interview Thursday.

Carson is a champion of civil, cool-headed political discussion, which is a major theme of his new book, “One Nation: What We Can All Do to Save America’s Future.” But Carson, the celebrated conservative, Yale-trained neurosurgeon, and first doctor to separate twins joined at the head, was not always so cool.

Boze wondered how Carson learned to hold his temper. As a young man, Carson had a mean streak, once pulling a knife on a friend over a radio station. Carson told Boze that he got right with God, which allowed him to be successful professionally and politically (in case you didn’t know, George W. Bush awarded Carson the National Medal of Freedom).

“I prayed and picked up a Bible. I read all these verses about anger and the problems it gets you into. During that time, I came to understand that to lash out, to kick down doors, it’s not a sign of strength, but rather of weakness,” Carson said.


Carson’s push for civility comes at an important time in American history. At a time when marriage is being redefined across the country, and when the political leadership is lacking, and when opinions are enough to get one fired, Carson says we need to put on the brakes, slow down, and look at the facts.

On traditional marriage, Carson said that a proper discussion between the pro-traditional marriage side and the anti-marriage side where real facts are presented might settle the issue. If anti-marriage folks would look at the facts about marriage redefinition, they would see that it’s a net negative.

“I would be perfectly happy talking to people who think we should redefine marriage,” Carson said. “I would ask them the question, ‘If we redefine marriage for this group, why don’t we have to redefine marriage for the next group?’ I’d like to hear an answer to that.”

Or what about how, in countries where marriage has been completely redefined, traditional marriage rates have plummeted? Maybe with those facts in mind, the anti-marriage side would be happy with a separate but similar set of laws and regulations that doesn’t bear the title of “marriage.”

In the end, Dr. Ben Carson – who some have mentioned as a possible presidential candidate for 2016 – is all about morality. Humans have a natural morality given by God that allows us to know right from wrong.

“We, the American people, are not each other’s enemies,” he told Boze. “The real enemies are those who are making every attempt to drive us apart. We need to use our collective intellect and resources to actually solve problems and not keep driving ourselves apart.”

In other words, modern conservative patriots should take a cue from the first American patriots.

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