KTTH Morning Update – May 16, 2014

By KTTH | May 16, 2014

Wacky Idaho Gubernatorial Debate: A video of a recent Idaho Public Television Republican gubernatorial debate has gone viral, but not for the policies the candidates proposed. The four-person debate included two standard politicians – Gov. Butch Otter and Sen. Russ Fulcher – but also two eccentric men. One candidate, Harley Brown, was dressed in full biker leather, with a knife visible under his coat. The other, Walt Bayes, appears to be some sort of Rutherford B. Hayes-era mountain man. But, all four candidates express a passion for freedom, liberty, and being a strong leader for the “famous potatoes” state.

Teens Possibly Behind San Diego Wildfires: Police in California arrested a 19-year-old and a 17-year-old on Thursday on arson charges related to several brush fires in an area where wildfires are raging near San Diego. In connection with the fires, authorities found a burned body at a homeless camp near Carlsbad on Thursday.

Barbara Walters Leaving TV: Famed news-tainment reporter Barbara Walters is ending her 60-year career in TV. The 84-year-old began her career as a producer on the Today Show in 1961, and became famous for her ability to get her subjects to open up and even cry.

Tax Increase on Cigarettes Proposed: A new initiative would ask voters to increase the state cigarette tax – the sixth highest in the U.S. – by $1 to raise $1 billion for cancer research and prevention. Former Gov. Chris Gregoire and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, among others, back Initiative 1356.

Woman Facing Charges for Feeding Bears: A 70-year-old Pacific County woman may be the first ever charged under a 2012 law that made it illegal for humans to feed carnivores. The woman has been feeding black bears near her home, causing a dangerous situation. When humans feed bears, the animals lose their natural fear of us, which can lead to attacks. The woman claims that she’s leaving food out for cats, and the bears just happen upon it.

NHL Team Sought for Seattle: A group of investors emerged on Thursday saying that they will be working with the NHL to bring a team to Seattle, and are in talks with government officials and developers about building an arena here. The group includes Victor Coleman, a Los Angeles real estate developer, and hedge fund manager Jonathan Glaser.

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