KTTH Morning Update – May 14, 2014

By KTTH | May 14, 2014

Bouncy House Flies Away: In this astonishing video, a strong gust of wind lifts a bouncy house 50 feet into the air. Inside were three children, ages 5, 6, and 10. Two of the children were seriously injured when they fell out 15 feet off the ground.

Tragedy in Turkey: Approximately 238 mine workers died in an underground explosion Wednesday, and some 120 workers were still missing. The accident happened in Soma in western Turkey in a coalmine, and Turkish officials say it’s one of the worst mining disasters in the country’s history.

Idaho Gets Gay Marriage: By Friday morning, it will be legal for gays to marry in Idaho after a federal judge on Tuesday issued an injunction against the state’s gay marriage ban. Idaho voters approved the gay marriage ban in 2006, but U.S. District Magistrate Candy Dale, who was appointed shortly after Barack Obama took office, thought the measure unconstitutional. Idaho Gov. Butch Otter will appeal the injunction.

Local Solider Gets Medal of Honor: Army Sgt. Kyle White, 27, was presented with the Medal of Honor on Tuesday. White is a native of Bonney Lake, and received the medal for bravery during a November 2007 firefight in Afghanistan; in that fight, White, while suffering two concussions and shrapnel wounds, continued to fight and provide cover for his fellow soldiers as the Taliban hammered them from all sides with small arms and grenade fire.

Bandits Release 25,000 Steelhead: Somebody broke into a state hatchery near Fall City recently and released 25,000 juvenile steelhead into the Snoqualmie River. State officials believe it was retaliation by anglers angry over new rules that curtail steelhead releases into rivers. An environmental group sued the state for violating the federal Endangered Species Act for its past steelhead release practices.

Obama Assassin Gets Death Sentence: A judge in South Dakota on Tuesday gave the death sentence to a man who plotted to kill Obama. In 2011, James McVay stabbed 75-year-old Maybelle Schein to death and stole her car, intending to drive to Washington to kill Obama. Authorities caught him in Madison, Wisc. The death sentence came in relation to McVay’s killing of Schein.

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