KTTH Morning Update – May 13, 2014

By KTTH | May 13, 2014
Antarctic Melt

Mayor Murray to Raise Taxes for Buses: Seattle Mayor Ed Murray will announce a plan Tuesday to increase taxes – through either car tab fees or property taxes – to fund King County Metro bus service in Seattle. The extra revenue would allow the city to purchase Metro bus service from King County, a plan created by County Executive Dow Constantine.

(UPDATE: As of 9 a.m. Tuesday, Murray announced a plan to raise $45 million per year by increasing the car tab fee to $60 and increasing the sales tax by .01 percent. He says the revenue would save 100,000 bus boardings per day.)

Irreversible Antarctic Ice Sheet Retreat: A team of NASA and University of Washington scientists have produced research that shows the West Antarctica ice sheet has melted so much that it’s at a “point of no return” and may trigger sea-level rise worse than previously predicted. The scientists say we can’t do anything to stop the melting, though they admit the melting could take between 200 and 1,000 years, depending on what steps we take to reduce global temperature increases.

Feds Look at Arizona Abortion Law: Arizona has the nation’s strictest abortion law, but Planned Parenthood will go to federal court in San Francisco today to overturn it. Arizona’s law bans RU-486 after seven weeks – the norm is nine weeks – and deems women can only take the recommended Food and Drug Administration dosage at a certified clinic. Planned Parenthood says that the restrictions force women to get surgical abortions, while the state of Arizona says that the abortion organization doesn’t have any evidence to prove those claims.

BLM Goes After ATV Riders: The Bureau of Land Management – the organization central to the Bundy Ranch affair – is seeking criminal charges against 50 people who illegally rode ATVs on federal land in Recapture Canyon in Utah. The BLM says the canyon contains archeological artifacts from native tribes, which ATVs can damage. The ATV riders were in the canyon to protest a 2007 law that bans them from riding there. Plainclothes BLM officials filmed the riders as evidence for criminal charges.

Michael Sam ‘annoying’ Says O’Reilly: During commentary at the end of his show on Monday, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly spoke about Michael Sam, the openly gay St. Louis Rams player who kissed his boyfriend on television when the NFL drafted him on Saturday. O’Reilly said, “But the gay thing – way overplayed. It’s annoying. It really is.”


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