Andrew Klavan causes controversy saying ‘Sterling shouldn’t be punished’

By KTTH | May 5, 2014
Donald Sterling columnist and celebrated novelist Andrew Klavan is making waves with his opinion on the controversy surrounding racist comments made by LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

Andrew Klavan does not think Sterling should be punished at all.

Why? Because we all have opinions – some of them despicable – and you can’t legislate against opinions. And you shouldn’t legislate against opinions. As KTTH host Ben Shapiro has said, Sterling should have been busted years ago by the NBA when he was sued for racist housing practices. You know, actual racist acts.

From Klavan’s piece on (emphasis ours):

“He should not have been fined. He should not have been banned. He has the right to his opinion. Simple as that. Shame him? Why not? Boycott him? Okay. Hate him? Your call. But officially, he should not have been punished in any way.

His words were spoken privately and taped. Let me ask leftists and decent folks alike: whose reputation could survive if all his private words were made public? Not yours, believe me. Not even mine and I’m an absolutely great guy! More importantly, who wants to live in a world where that is the ultimate test of our morality?

Leftists are always calling for a “national conversation on race.” But you can’t have a conversation in which people aren’t allowed to speak their minds. That would be…  well, it would be leftism! And we don’t want that. We really don’t.”

We’ll reemphasize what Andrew Klavan is saying: how long would any of us survive if our private opinions were taped and aired for all to hear? Whether it’s racists remarks, or harsh words about your boss or your spouse, opinions are controversial and sometimes hurtful – but that doesn’t mean they should be banned.

Read Klavan’s whole piece here. 

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