Will Seattle anarchists cause havoc on May Day?

By KTTH | April 30, 2014

What mayhem will Seattle anarchists cause this year?

Every year on May Day – May 1 – fringe left anti-capitalist, pro-immigration, protestors besiege Seattle, destroying private property and terrorizing working people all in the name of achieving “anarchy” and other liberal goals.

So far this year, Seattle anarchists have been coy about their plans. Over at the Puget Sound Anarchist website, the only advertised affair is an “anti-capitalist march” beginning at 6 p.m. at 12th Avenue and Spruce Street.

As a sign of things to come, the poster advertising the march just shows three hooded thugs holding sticks and other paraphernalia, apparently trying to smash “the state.” Below the picture is a quote from 19th century German anarchist Louis Lingg that says, “I repeat that I am the enemy of order of today, and I repeat that, with all my powers, so long as breath remains in me, I shall combat it. I declare again, frankly and openly, that I am in favor of using force …”

A second march, possibly planned by anarchists, begins at 6 p.m. at Seattle Central Community College. The theme is apparently the “capitalist police state.” Rumor has it that this march will meet up with the one beginning at 12th and Spruce.

There’s also the pro-immigration El Comite march, which happens every year. The march ends at Westlake in downtown Seattle, giving violent protestors the opportunity to infiltrate downtown, and smash windows, ATMs, and police officers.

Last year, police arrested 17 protestors, while eight police officers were injured. The anarchists assaulted police, armed with bottles, hammers, and rocks – police defended themselves with tear gas while trying to disburse the melee.

Seattle Police Capt. Chris Fowler said that the department is prepared to deal with violence, but it will not try to prevent the most volatile groups from gathering, particularly the anarchists.

“If we see weapons or if they take rocks, bottles, or sticks and start turning those into weapons then it changes our response and clearly there’s an indication that they want to commit crimes,” Fowler said. “But until that happens, they have just as much right as anybody to protest or march or get their message out.”

Meanwhile, as temperatures are expected to top 80 degrees around the region, police say that the good weather could mean more people out on the streets.

This week, Seattle anarchists launched a new campaign against the rideshare service Uber. On Saturday, a mob of likely anarchists chased Uber cars through the streets of Seattle, trying to stop them in traffic.

Ominously, the Puget Sound Anarchists stated on their website, “We haven’t even started messing with Uber. Stay tuned.”

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