Limbaugh: the 2014 Republican ‘suicide mission’

By KTTH | April 29, 2014
Marisa Falcon, Claudia Saucedo, Yaquelin Lopez

KTTH host Rush Limbaugh has a few questions for Spokane U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, who said on Monday that Republicans should give up trying to repeal Obamacare.

What about slavery? What about prohibition? Those two awful, harmful policies were repealed, so why not Obamacare?

“Well, it’s an entitlement, Rush, and we’ve never repealed an entitlement,” Limbaugh said rhetorically. “Well, I know, but people are only now starting to realize how bad this is. Why didn’t we just reform prohibition instead of repeal it? Why didn’t we just reform slavery instead of repealing it? But somehow, we can’t repeal it. You know, the Republican Party, I must tell you I guess I am a little surprised. Even though I’ve said to you what I’ve said, I guess I miscalculated just how shell-shocked they really are.”

McMorris Rodgers went further on Monday in an interview with the Spokane Spokesman Review, saying that she thinks Republicans and Democrats will get together to reform immigration before Election Day in November.

“Are they trying to sabotage their own efforts to win the Senate and hold on to the House? Ruling class, establishment, I’ve said it all myself. I hold out hope that somewhere there is an opposition party or that there is, within the Republican Party, some opposition besides the Tea Party,” Rush said.

The Republican Party in 2014, Rush says, is on a suicide mission.

Immigration is a losing issue for Republicans. Everyone says that Republicans need the Hispanic vote to win future elections – but in reality, they won’t vote Republican, anyway.

“It’s only common sense why the Democrats want amnesty. They need a permanent underclass. They need to register new voters. They’ve got all the evidence that arriving immigrants are people that believe in big government and are more inclined to vote Democrat than Republican,” Rush said. “We’ve known this. This is statistically shown. There’s no question about it.”

If Congress reaches a deal where illegal immigrants suddenly become legal, there will suddenly be more fodder for Obamacare, Social Security, welfare, food stamps – and refreshing the pools for those entitlement programs will mean that they’ll live on, and that Democrats will remain in power.

“If amnesty happens they’re going to be, for a while, the most privileged citizens we’ve got. The Democrats are going to be celebrating. The Republicans are going to be competing with Democrats to celebrate them.

“It’s going to be a big contest between the Republicans and Democrats to welcome these people into the system. The Republicans are always going to be portrayed as that they didn’t really want to do it but they saw it was the only way they would ever, ever have a chance of winning the White House again,” Limbaugh said.

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