Limbaugh appalled ‘Meet the Press’ host got psychological help to boost ratings

By KTTH | April 24, 2014

NBC’s Meet the Press was for 15 years the No. 1 news talk show on Sunday mornings. But for the past three years, the show has been consistently in third place in ratings under the care of host David Gregory.

So what does NBC do? Fire David Gregory and find someone less partisan? No – last year, NBC hired a psychologist to interview Gregory and his family and friends to get a better insight into the new “Meet the Press” host.

KTTH host Rush Limbaugh was appalled at NBC’s tactics, wondering why the solution to a host who can’t get ratings is to hire a psychologist, not to fire him.

“You either are you aren’t in this business,” Limbaugh said. “It’s not Gregory, it’s liberalism. If you get someone to host who knows there’s a Missouri, and Nebraska, and a Texas, and you don’t need a visa to get to them, you’ve got half the problem solved.”

NBC executives agreed to extend Gregory’s contract in 2013, and the network has said that it’s committed to keeping Gregory around. Gregory’s wife was an executive at Fannie Mae during the housing bubble crisis, and Gregory has been caught before being openly hostile toward Republicans.

“In the most recent survey, your disapproval rating is now one point lower than Richard Nixon’s before he resigned the presidency,” Gregory asked former president George W. Bush in 2006. “Do you think it’s possible that, like Nixon and Watergate, that the American people have rendered a final judgment of disapproval on you and your war in Iraq?”

“’Meet the Press’ long ago ceased being a news program, when Tim Russert passed. It became an agenda arm of the Democratic Party,” Limbaugh said. “Why wouldn’t you fire the guy and hire someone the audience likes?”

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