Who’s worse, Trump or Bloomberg?

By KTTH | April 17, 2014

It’s the question many Republicans and conservatives have been asking for years. Who’s worse: Donald Trump or Michael Bloomberg?

Both are Republicans (Bloomberg became one in 2001 to run for mayor, and barely holds any conservative ideals), both are rich, and both make bold proclamations and wield power decisively.

KTTH hosts Todd Herman and Chris Widener parsed the question, with Herman saying that Trump is worse, and Widener seeming to settle on Bloomberg.


Recently, Bloomberg has been in the news for his pledge to spend $50 million to fight the National Rifle Association, and also saying that he’s “earned my place in heaven” for his anti-gun work. Trump has made waves for suggesting he’ll buy the Buffalo Bills football team, and has given speeches in presidential primary states like New Hampshire.

Herman can’t stand that Trump keeps suggesting that he’ll run for president, and that he is a big supporter of eminent domain.

“The glibness, the ego; he’s constantly positioning himself as a guy who’s going to run for president. Why is he invited to CPAC?” Herman wondered.

“Because he has cajones,” Widener said. “He’s a fighter, a bully; he likes to punish his enemies. I think people like that. I’m not saying I’m a raving fan. You have Bloomberg, who’s a left wing ideologue – I think Trump is a capitalist egomaniac who likes freedom, likes what America stands for.”

“I think Bloomberg is the better person for one reason – he does less harmful things. He takes away salt, and soda pop – or tries to. You know what Trump takes away from folks? He takes their houses,” Widener said.

“I think the thing people like about Trump, whether you agree, he probably is going to do what he says he’s going to do,” Widener responded.

“Not me, I don’t buy it,” Herman said. “Here’s the thing I think we can both agree on: Neither of these guys should be on the GOP ticket.”

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