What would Ronald Reagan say about religious intolerance?

By KTTH | April 8, 2014
Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul II

What would Ronald Reagan think?

With all of the religious intolerance at play lately – from the forced resignation of the Mozilla CEO over his disagreement with gay marriage, to the Hobby Lobby case, to the quashing of the Arizona’s religious freedom lawDavid Boze hosted Reagan expert, Grove City College political science professor Paul Kengor.

Kengor, the best-selling author of the book “God and Ronald Reagan,” highlighted a speech Reagan made 30 years ago in Dallas where he proclaimed, “Those attacking religion claim they’re doing it in the name of tolerance. Isn’t the real truth that they’re intolerant of religion?”

“And that’s completely right,” Kengor said, citing the press release from Mozilla over the resignation of Brendan Eich, which stated that the company respects “diversity” – except when they disagree with that diversity.

At the root of the intolerance for religion are so-called liberals – the type of people who are ready to clamp down if they get offended, but can’t stand it when others practice religious freedom.

“It’s really easy to tolerate the things you agree with,” Kengor said.

Listen to the whole interview to learn more about Reagan’s views on religious freedom and how the progressive worldview is destroying religious freedom.

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