New possible Benghazi motives revealed

By KTTH | April 8, 2014

The conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch has been exposing shocking government cover-ups, corruption, and scandals since the beginning of the Clinton reign, and the president of the group spoke to host Ben Shapiro on Monday about new revelations about Benghazi, Obamacare, and the IRS scandal.

Fitton said that the secrecy and scheming of the Obama administration is on par with the Richard Nixon administration.

“Where does the Obama administration rank in terms of the corruption that’s been evidenced by this administration in terms of their lack of transparency and their unwillingness to deal with outside groups who are seeking the truth?” Shapiro asked.

“They are at least as bad as Clinton. Certainly, given the Justice Department’s conspiracy with the Obama White House keeping all of this covered up, whether it’s Fast and Furious or IRS, you’re talking Richard Nixon type abuses of office in my view,” Fitton said.

Judicial Watch recently won a lawsuit against the Obama administration seeking documents pertaining to Blue Mountain Group, the private security force that was protecting the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi on that fateful night, Sept. 11, 2012.

According to the documents, a Libyan official warned a U.S. official at the consulate that the Libyan government had not licensed Blue Mountain Group to provide security. Though later proved false, it was true that Blue Mountain Group had lost security contracts in Tripoli.

But the most shocking revelation is that a member of the BMG team had an altercation with a member of a Libyan security force, the 17th of February Martyrs Brigade, which was also protecting the Benghazi consulate. It’s possible that bad blood between the two security teams may have played a role in lessened security at the Benghazi compound on the night of the attack, Fitton said.

“They essentially turned their backs on our personnel when the attack came on Sept. 11,” Fitton said.

“Why have we not heard about the No. 1 issue that seems to matter most – why was there no security there?” Shapiro asked.

“It was a special mission compound, which is an artificial construct,” Fitton said. “The security requirements for diplomatic facilities were waived for this special mission compound. That waiver meant you didn’t have the security you’re talking about.”

Fitton had more to reveal about Obama administration cover-ups, including how the Federal Elections Commission is wrapped up in the IRS-targeting scandal, and about the Obamacare employer mandate delay. Listen to the full interview here.

“It’s the catch-me-if-you-can presidency,” Fitton said. “He’s ignoring the law and he can get away with it – Congress is hapless in the face of it.”

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