Robin’s Real Estate Reality Talk

By Robin Adelsman | April 7, 2014

We are in a very unique market. Right now our area is showing signs of recovery. We are moving in a positive direction and gaining equity though are ways off from where we were in 2006 and 2007. With that sellers are seeing signs of hope and if they are upside down (owe more than their home is worth), they are holding out to allow the market to catch up.

If you are a seller that has enough equity to sell and are wanting to hang on to gain more equity it is important to ask yourself what interest rate you wish to pay on a new home when you purchase. Of course you would say the lowest. By waiting you will gain in a better equity position though understand anything you purchase will also have gained in equity. Thus, what interest rate do you wish to obtain when you purchase again? With rates in the low to mid 4’s for most buyers, you have an amazing opportunity.

Right now, resale inventory is very low and there are more buyers out there that are qualifying for homes. Low inventory…high demand…prices go up. Sounds good, except if you are the buyer. Keep in mind due to the major collapses in our banking industry appraisers have been reined in hard and are keeping the appraisals tight. Appraisals will prohibit drastic price increases and will keep our market growing in a conservative, healthy way with moderate growth.

Due to this we are seeing some buyers offering cash over appraisals to obtain their perfect home. The key is price your home at market value. Overpricing your home will cause your home to be on the market too long and in an aggressive market like this an overpriced home will usually sell below market value in the end. Pricing it right from the start will attract the best buyers from the beginning.

Being prepared is also important. It is important to show your home in the best light-every angle! Having your home inspected and repairs completed will show your buyer that you are a serious seller.

Right now I am hearing sellers say they want to wait 3-6 months. Thus, I suspect all forecasts will be accurate in the next 3 months that we will have a dip in prices. We will have more homes on the market and sellers will not be able to push those appraisals like we can in our current market.

Please feel free to contact me and I’d be happy to explain more as now is a GREAT time to sell! Call me today at 253-569-0106, visit or email me your questions.

I’d like you to meet the rest of my team that can help you “Get It Done”
Please meet Troy Shuler from Rainier Mortgage, Heidi Lloyd with Keystone Escrow and our favorite Window Treatment and Awning Company in Western Washington,

Troy Shuler has been providing excellent service to his clients originating home mortgages for over 15 years with Rainier Mortgage a division of Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group (CL-3446). Troy is licensed as a Loan Originator (MLO-141833). His business was built on ethics, honesty and the standard of giving every client one on one personalized service. If this is your 1st mortgage transaction, or your 10th, Troy will walk you through the loan process to insure a smooth closing. Troy specializes in home purchases, first time home buyers, down payment assistance programs and home refinances. Troy understands that not everyone has perfect credit. If needed, Troy is very well-versed in credit and will do everything to try to get you back on track so you can qualify for a home loan.

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Heidi Lloyd is an Independent Escrow Closer with Keystone Escrow. Keystone’s business model is to be a 100% mobile escrow company, by merging the expertise of the escrow closer with the convenience of a mobile signing company. In today’s real estate world, the time that buyers and sellers have to work on their real estate transaction is in direct competition with all the other things that they need to get done. We have removed the constraints of the standard 8-5 escrow world, so that our timelines match up better with those of our clients. Many other companies try to do this by offering a mobile notary service to their customers. We believe that this signing appointment is too important to be left in the hands of someone who does not have intimate knowledge of the transaction. By merging these services, our customers can expect the expertise of a knowledgeable, licensed escrow closer at their signing with the ease of signing when and where is best for them. With 12 years of experience in this ever changing market, Heidi is able to assess a transaction from the beginning, and then work with the agents and the customers to control any issues that may arise before they start. The goal is to close the transaction as with a minimum of stress and expertise that you can rely on.

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Major Blinds was founded in 2007 by a local team of customer service oriented people, with the goal of providing total customer satisfaction.

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