Shapiro: boycott Mozilla over Eich affair

By KTTH | April 4, 2014

Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich resigned yesterday after a backlash over his views on gay marriage – and KTTH hose Ben Shapiro is calling for everyone to boycott the company.

Eich two weeks ago became CEO of Mozilla, which makes Firefox, the third most popular browser after Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Shortly after his appointment, some Mozilla employees revealed Eich’s support for California’s Prop 8, the 2008 ballot initiative that sought to ban gay marriage.  Subsequently, three Mozilla board members quit.

The feud became even more public when the dating website intercepted Firefox users navigating to OKCupid with a message urging them to stop using the browser because of Eich’s anti-gay political activities.

Initially, Eich declined to step down from the company, saying, “I don’t think it’s good for my integrity or Mozilla’s integrity to be pressed into changing my position.”

“I truly hate the left that cracks down on the viewpoints of religious Americans,” Shapiro said of the controversy. “It’s not an equal right for a man to marry a man – traditional marriage is a standard of behavior.”

Shapiro says that conservatives and lovers of traditional marriage can either allow the left to bully them or fight back. He urged all his listeners on Thursday to uninstall Firefox if they use it, go to his site,, and sign a petition urging all Americans to stop using Firefox.

But forces on the left have also come out against the Eich affair. Andrew Sullivan, a gay blogger in favor of gay marriage, wrote on his blog, “The whole episode disgusts me – as it should disgust anyone interested in a tolerant and diverse society.”

Michael Arrington, founder of the popular TechCrunch blog, wrote on Twitter, “Congratulations, Mozilla, you burned a witch today.”

Discussing the matter on Friday, KTTH hosts Michael Medved and David Boze were outraged by the events and Eich’s resignation.

Boze called it “Orwellian” that Mozilla would go along with Eich’s resignation, while issuing a statement saying that it “believes in equality and freedom of speech.”

“Anyone out there who makes a statement of this kind who defends their own beliefs is now subject to corporate harassment,” Boze said. “The loudest most intolerant fringe of the left continue to exert power throughout the culture.”

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