Gohmert: allow concealed carry for troops

By KTTH | April 4, 2014

Following the tragic shooting at Ft. Hood Wednesday in Texas, KTTH host Ben Shapiro talked to Tea Party leader Congressman Louie Gohmert, whose district includes Ft. Hood.

Gohmert revealed that his office is working on legislation that would allow members of the military to carry concealed weapons on base – a Georg H.W. Bush-era Department of Defense regulation prevents concealed carry for personnel on base.


Ben Shapiro: The evil in Ft. Hood has had to touch you – do you have any remarks you’d like to make about the situation at Ft. Hood?

U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert: The first thought is sympathy, empathy, and prayers for the families that have lost loved ones and for those who have been injured. And then you want to try to make sure it doesn’t happen again because it keeps happening.

We had [2009 Ft. Hood shooter] Nadal Hasan who because of political correctness nobody pushed to get removed, even though it’s clear that he was a threat, he’s a radical Islamist. And so he ends up going off and killing 13 of our great American fighters and nobody was able to have a gun to stop him before he was stopped. The very people trained to use firearms are our men and women in the military. It doesn’t make sense those people could not go through a permit process and be able to have a concealed carry weapon. Those laws need to be changed.

Shapiro: Do you think there will be any legislation in Congress to deal with this?

Gohmert: These are the people trained with weapons and qualified on them even more than you have to be trained and qualified to have a concealed carry permit. [Congressman] Steve Stockman has a previous bill he filed that would do away with prohibiting [concealed carry on base] – we’re working on that now, trying to get a bill ready to go that would allow military members to have the same right to apply for a concealed carry permit. As you know so well, Ben, these mass shootings normally occur where they’re not allowed to carry a weapon.

Shapiro: There are reports that President Obama followed up his statement [on the Ft. Hood shooting] by going to a fundraiser – do you have a comment about that?

Gohmert: I think that’s pretty tragic. We know Benghazi occurred while he was prepping for his trip to Las Vegas and he didn’t let that disaster get in the way. I thought it was nice that while he was in Las Vegas, in his big speech, he paused for a moment to reflect on the people who got killed on his watch.

Shapiro: I want to switch topics; the CEO of Mozilla now has been forced to resign after it came out that he gave $1,000 to the pro-marriage amendment Prop 8 [in California]. Do you have any comment on what seems to be a persistence of leftist intolerance?

Gohmert: There is no tolerance among those that scream the loudest and the angriest about intolerance. They are the meanest, most intolerant people in America, those who complain about people who are just observing traditional marriage. It should be noted that President Obama would not have gone above the rank of Senator Obama if in the debate with Rev. Rick Warren he said that marriage was between two men. If he had said that, he would’ve been done and not elected president.

But because he changed from his previous expressed view, he got elected president and then once he was president he didn’t evolve, he revolves back around to his original position. What has been the position on marriage since the dawn of man, since certainly the beginning of the bible, marriage has been between a man and a woman. And yet this president and the liberals not only do they want to break that apart, they want to destroy, absolutely destroy, anyone who disagrees with them.

It is just the world upside down with the way those who are the most intolerant go after and bash people who have the values of Traditional America.

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