The plans to increase your car tab fees

By KTTH | April 2, 2014

You might remember a couple of years ago when we voted to cap car tab fees at $30. So why are car tab fees continuing to go up and up? And if car tab fees are increasing, why are our roads – especially in Seattle – continuing to deteriorate?

There are a lot of questions you could ask about our state car tab fee structure. So, David Boze welcomed Bob Pishue of the Washington Policy Center to talk about why car tabs fees are rising, and why King County wants to make them even more expensive.

“When voters voted for the $30 car tab fee, that is the state portion of the car tab fee. What they’re looking to do is increase that, but also increase a number of fees from studded tire permit fees to you name – and also increase the gas tax. It’s kind of a double-whammy,” Pishue told Boze.


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