Shapiro calls ‘Noah’ a ‘pagan mess’

By KTTH | April 1, 2014
Jennifer Connelly

KTTH host Ben Shapiro attended a screening of the new controversial film “Noah” last Friday. He said it was fine as entertainment, but Shapiro hated the film’s ‘pagan’ message.

“Let’s be real with what this film is. The reality of this is that Noah is a pagan mess; it is a pagan, disgusting, disreputable, moral-myopic mess. It’s a morass of immorality,” Shapiro said. “That’s not to say it’s a horrible movie. I don’t like the director, Darren Aronofsky; I think he’s a hack. Of his movies, this is probably the most entertaining.

“This takes the Noah story and turns Noah into a deep green pagan. It basically suggests that God’s opinion of humanity is that humanity was put on Earth to protect the pretty little animals. When they were mean to the pretty little animals, God put them on an ark.

“Let’s start with the idea that the flood itself comes not because human beings treat each other badly, but because they’re mean to flowers. The sins of man are what brought about the flood. What that means is sexual immorality, pagan sex cults, homosexuality, adultery, the violence, idolatry – these are the words used in Tamar to describe what was going on in the time of Noah.

“The movie reeds all of that out and it’s basically that you’re mean to the animals. So, God decides to save the animals and kill mankind. The central conflict in the movie is why Noah doesn’t kill his own family. If Noah is the vessel for saving all the animals, why doesn’t he kill himself also? After all, his descendants, his kids, are going to kill the animals.

“The villain of the film is a man named Tubal-Cain. In the Bible he’s mentioned for a half-second. It doesn’t say anything about him except that he was a weapons maker, and weapons are bad and nasty and evil. Tubal-Cain is just a stand-in for religious America. Tubal-Cain is someone who believes deeply that the Earth is man’s domain, and that man is made in God’s image. If that sounds familiar, it’s because it is, it’s straight from the Bible.

“The fact of the matter is the movie is a mess – it’s beautiful to look at, some of the images are cool, but it’s highly disturbing. It’s disturbing because it turns Noah into a genocidal maniac. The bottom line is, my problem with the movie is not all its variances from the biblical text, because whenever you make an adaptation there will be variance from the biblical text. My problem with the movie is that it varies from biblical values. The story of Noah is about avoiding sin. Sin by man against man.”

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