Can conservatives win over millennials who favor bigger government?

By KTTH | March 24, 2014

They are more liberal, favor restrictions on gun run rights, desire bigger government with things like universal health care, want more liberal immigration policy, legalized drugs, and legalized gay marriage.

They are the young millennials, they are the voting future, and they may change the shape of both the Democratic and Republican parties.

KTTH host Ben Shapiro – who is of the millennial generation – interviewed New Republic writer Isaac Chotiner about an article he wrote for the magazine about the young generation and their political predilections.

Shapiro wondered whether conservatives and Republicans could attract millennials by embracing Libertarian views and talking about social security. Chotiner reported “probably not.”

“I think part of what animates young people are what we would consider more liberal views on social issues like drug legalization, they believe in gay marriage,” Chotiner said. “They think that government has more of a responsibility to take care of people; they believe in a bigger government with more services. I think it’s a little simplistic to say young people are libertarian. Their views about government are more what we consider liberal.”

According to Chotiner’s exploration of a Pew Research Center poll, the country as a whole, 51 percent to 50 percent, favor smaller government. But young people favor a larger government by a margin of 53 percent to 38 percent.

“Do you see that shifting dramatically – are we just looking at young people who are going to shift themselves as they get older and begin paying taxes and see the costs of the policies they embrace?” Shapiro asked.

“The economic stuff is really up in the air. I think on things like gay marriage, those battles are lost if you’re a social conservative,” Chotiner said.

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