Rand Paul squares off against Darth Vader

By KTTH | March 21, 2014

If you’ve ever seen the first Star Wars film, you can understand why Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is a successful politician.

If that movie had begun with farm boy Luke Skywalker looking up at the Death Star and aspiring to destroy it and the thousands of potentially innocent people onboard, then you probably would’ve called him a domestic terrorist.

But since the film opened with big, evil Darth Vader killing people and electrocuting a woman, you know that someone has to make things right. Darth’s perpetual violence justified Luke’s revenge.

That’s the metaphor KTTH host Ben Shapiro used to describe the perfectness of Rand Paul’s rhetoric at the moment. Paul gave a rousing speech at Berkeley recently, and it got a standing ovation – and that’s because, like George Lucas did with Star Wars, Paul is putting a bad guy out there, and pledging to destroy it.

“You may be a Republican or a Democrat or Libertarian. I’m not here to tell you what to be,” Paul began the Berkeley speech. “I am here to tell you though that your right to privacy is under assault. I’m here to tell you if you own a cell phone, you’re under surveillance. The [National Security Agency] believes that equal protection means that Americans should be spied upon equally, including Congress.”

Bad guy – big security-state government – meet your good guy: Rand Paul.


“This is very smart politics, in a way that the Republican Party typically isn’t smart,” Shapiro observed. “Rand has tremendous political instincts. On foreign policy, he’s a disaster, but he’s very smart because he talks in moral terms.

“There’s an enemy out there and the enemy wants to get into your life. Is all of that true? Is the NSA checking all of your emails? No, they’re not. Do they have the power to do so? Sure. [Paul] is creating a villain and that’s smart politics to create the villain.”

And though it may be smart politics, Shapiro says, does that translate to Paul being a good choice as president? After all, many conservatives believe that the only thing government should be doing is protecting us. So how can a government protect its people if it doesn’t have a robust foreign policy, including spying capabilities?

“I think the Republican Party needs to pick up on why Rand Paul is popular without picking up Rand’s foreign policy,” Shapiro said. “The government only exists for one reason, which is to protect me. Rand Paul’s position seems to be … I’m not sure what Rand Paul thinks the government should do.

“The reason he gets a standing ovation at Berkeley is he points out the big enemy, and the big solution.”

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