Adam Carolla on patent trolls, Obama, and minimum wage

By KTTH | March 13, 2014

There’s one legal way for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to shut down the George Washington Bridge: the portly politician could just ride a bike across it.

“That’ll shut it down for about 19 hours,” said comedian Adam Carolla, who appeared with KTTH host Ben Shapiro on Wednesday.

Carolla spoke to Shapiro about his fight against patent trolls who are suing him over his popular podcast, The Adam Carolla Show. But he also took time to weigh in on a range of issues from Seattle’s $15 minimum wage debate to Lena Dunham’s attractiveness.

Carolla is trying to raise $1.5 million to defend his and all podcasts against patent trolls, which are patent owners whose sole business is to find patent violations to sue over.

In Carolla’s case, a law firm that purports to own a patent on a playlists is suing him. Many patent trolls rely on their prey simply giving in, settling the case before it goes to court for a hefty sum or even a share of a business.

“They’ve messed with the wrong hombre because we’re fighting,” he told Shapiro. “We’re getting the entire podcast community together. Once we win, they’ll never be able to sue another podcast.”


Carolla had banded together with other popular podcasters, like Marc Maron and Jimmy Kimmel, to raise money. You can donate as little as $5 and up, and each donation level features a gift.

Though Carolla has a variety of opinions on political and social issues, he said he’s a “big fan” of Shapiro’s, is not a fan of Barack Obama, and is definitely not in favor of raising the minimum wage – in Seattle or anywhere else.

“I worked at a McDonald’s in Studio City; I got $2.45 per hour. I was miserable and I thought, ‘I got to get the hell out of this,’” Carolla said after Shapiro asked what he thought of raising the minimum wage. “If someone had given me $15 an hour, I’m sure I’d still be flipping hamburgers and squirting special sauce out of a caulk gun. The point is you aren’t helping these people by overcompensating them for jobs anyone could do; this is a poor issue.”

Addressing a recent appearance by Lena Dunham on Saturday Night Live – where she dressed up like Eve from the Bible to lampoon her frequent use of nudity on her HBO show “Girls” – Shapiro and Carolla discussed the arrogance of Hollywood types.

“The only reason anyone pays attention to [Dunham] is because she’s an ugly chick who takes off her clothes,” Shapiro said.

“I was reading an article in the Los Angeles times a few weeks ago that described her as a hero because she’s making us reassess our views of beauty. No, she’s not. None of the dudes I know are doing any reassessing whatsoever,” Carolla said.

And on Obama’s appearance on the Zach Galifianakis Internet show “Between Two Ferns,” Shapiro wondered why Hollywood was gunning so hard in favor of Obamacare.

“Obama is a hero to them and if he made a solid [bowel movement] they’d case it in Lucite and put in on their desk,” Carolla said. “The left never stops patting themselves on the back, whether it’s for changing the way males look at females, or having the first black president. They’re in a daisy chain of love.”

You can check out Carolla’s podcast here, and donate to his war on patent trolls here.

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