Why Ben Shapiro thinks Seattle killed music in the 1990s

By KTTH | March 12, 2014

Discussing a new program in Seattle that would give musicians special unloading zones in front of music venues, KTTH host Ben Shapiro gave his opinion of Seattle music, specifically grunge.

And Kurt Cobain and Layne Staley are rolling in their graves.

“[Seattle] has exported a lot of great things: good coffee, solid technology. But you’ve exported some serious crap. In the 1990s, you killed music,” Shapiro said about the grunge genre. “Now, the next Kurt Cobain, before he decides to off himself with a shotgun, the next Kurt Cobain will have the ability to prioritize his own unloading [of music gear].

“I guess when I’m unloading my baby at one of these venues, I guess I will have to take a backseat to the guy who’s unloading his guitar and also his massive depression.

“Recently, Nancy Pelosi said that thanks to Obamacare, you’ll be able to quit your day job and engage in the things you want to do, like mural painting. We may need less musicians and more people who work at Boeing. We may need more people who work at Apple and Amazon and a few less folks who are riding their bicycle over to the nearest music club to unload a 100 pound amp off the bicycle.

“[Seattle] is beautiful and the culture is fun – the hipster kind of stuff – besides when it’s raining and people are singing about how they want to kill themselves. Aside from that mentality among some of the musicians here who think it’s cool to be depressed, aside from that, the music culture is very cool.

“Nonetheless, I think that Mayor Ed Murray focusing his time and effort on signs that allow you to unload your car first if you’re a musician – priority to the musicians man, priority to the artists dude – I guess the good news is the previous mayor, Mike McGinn, he probably would’ve had signs up for the homeless to unload their carts first.”

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