Newest “Rush Revere” book hits shelves today

By KTTH | March 11, 2014

KTTH host Rush Limbaugh’s newest Rush Revere book hits shelves and e-reader stores today.

“Rush Revere and the First Patriots” tells the story of Revolutionary War America. This is the second in the Rush Revere series, which aims to tell the real story of American history to teens, tweens, and anyone who’s interested.

Limbaugh said on Tuesday that he was inspired to begin the series after he was asked – pestered, more likely – to do a kids book. But the inspiration came when someone told him how poorly public schools were teaching the history of America.

“Why don’t you write the truth of American history for the kids?” Rush said he was asked. “That turned the light on.

“The first book came out in October. It was literally the story of the first people seeking freedom to arrive in the new world. That story has been so bastardized and taught wrong. The mission here is to educate young people to the truth of this country because it’s a great country. The history of this country is the blessing of God. Being American is something to be extremely proud of.”

The main character, Rush Revere, is a substitute teacher who, with the help of his horse, Liberty, can travel back in time. Revere takes his students back, and with the help of smart phones, they record the events they witness.

The newest Rush Revere book features a few twists over the first “Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims” book. This book introduces a villainous student who threatens to undermine his classmates’ historic journey.

“Wherever you go in life, there are nonbelievers in whatever you do. Wherever you go there are the snarky, there are the troublemakers, the egomaniacal self-centered creeps. We put one in this book. We’ve created among the students a villain who attempts to expose it all – that’s as much as I’ll say,” Limbaugh said.

Also in the book, a confrontation between Rush Revere and the tax-happy king of England, George III.

“One of the key elements is when Rush Revere and Liberty time travel back to England and Rush ends up with George III and gives him all kinds of crap for what he’s doing to the [colonists]. In this, the meanness of a dictator is on display without the king being called a liberal or a communist,” Limbaugh said.

“Rush Revere and the First Patriots” is available now.


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