Join us for the KTTH minimum wage debate

By KTTH | March 11, 2014

Is a $15 minimum wage good for Seattle and Washington State?

There are a couple of different views on this issue. Here at KTTH, we are decidedly against it. But that does not mean we’re unwilling to listen to other opinions.

As part of our mission to further conservative ideas and ideals while respecting opposing voices, we will host a KTTH minimum wage debate on that $15 question on April 9.

KTTH host David Boze will moderate the debate between host Ben Shapiro and Socialist Seattle City Councilwoman Kshama SawantWashington Policy Center Vice President Paul Guppy  and National Employment Law Project Deputy Director Rebecca Smith will also be on the panel.

Sawant says that raising the minimum wage will lift people out of poverty, help more people afford living in Seattle, and that large companies that operate in Seattle can easily afford the raise. Sawant claims that 100,000 workers in Seattle would benefit from the raise.

“Studies show that lifting the wage floor has positive impact on all workers’ standards of living, and on the overall economy,” Sawant has said.

On the KTTH side, we think raising minimum wage will inflate prices (especially on things that the poor buy the most) it will kill jobs, and that salaried individuals will have to take on more work.

Commenting on the February Congressional Budget Office report showing that 500,000 jobs would disappear if the federal minimum wage were increased to just $10.10 per hour, KTTH host David Boze said, “It’s easy to promise other people’s money and pretend there’s no cost to that.”

“If you give a bunch of money to a bunch of people who earn minimum wage for doing jobs that are not that valuable, you have to take that money from somewhere,” Shapiro has said. “The attempt to shift money from people who make it in ways that help millions of Americans to people who help a few people by flipping hamburgers, it’s a detrimental effort.

“All the products poor people can afford to buy are going to be impacted by inflation. The hamburger is precisely the product that’s going to increase. It’s low end products.”

Our hope is that the KTTH minimum wage debate will illuminate this topic for our listeners, and perhaps cause Sawant and those in favor of the wage hike to see a different view.

Interested? The debate happens April 9 at McCaw Hall at the Seattle Center and costs just $7.70 –less than the minimum wage in most states, including Washington.

JOIN US: KTTH Minimum Wage Debate with Ben Shapiro, Paul Guppy, and Kshama Sawant; April 9, 7:30 – 9 p.m.; McCaw Hall, 321 Mercer St., Seattle, WA 98109; CLICK HERE TO BUY TICKETS.

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